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Reasons for Choosing Shandong University China for MBBS Course

shandong university
Shandong University
Shandong University (SDU) China produces experienced and highly qualified physicians and doctors. It is important to provide them with good lectures, laboratories, and supervised training under experienced doctors.
  • Produce Experienced and Highly Qualified Physicians and Doctors

Shandong University (SDU) China produces experienced and highly qualified physicians and doctors.

  • Good Lectures, Laboratories, and Supervised Training

It is important to provide them with good lectures, laboratories, and supervised training under experienced doctors.

  • Perfect Place to Get a Great Education at an Economical Cost

Shandong University (SDU) of China provides the students with the perfect place to get a great education at an economical cost.  

  • Shandong University Is Best Medical Education Institutions

Out of many MCI (Medical Council of India) accredited universities in China, Shandong University (SDU) has created a name for itself in the list of some of the best medical education institutions in not just China but also in the world.

  • Becoming a Famous and Respected Physician

The immense amount of knowledge which the universities of China give to the students helps them in becoming a famous and respected Physician.

  • Opportunities to Treat the Patients

Also gives them opportunities to treat the patients with utmost care.

  • Fully Updated With the Latest Tools and Technologies

The laboratories of the Shandong Universities are fully updated with the latest tools and technologies.

  • Get Proper Training Material to Practice

The students get proper training material to practice and help them in practicing and sharpening their skills which they have learned while studying MBBS in China.

  • MBBS Program Offered Theoretical Course and Laboratory Training

The 6 years MBBS program offered by Shandong University (SDU) includes 5 years of theoretical course and laboratory training and 1 year of internship.

  • Making Significant Contributions in the Field of Medical Science

The 100 years old history of Shandong University (SDU) has helped them in making significant contributions in the field of medical science.

  • Lots of Important Researches and Developments Done

There are lots of important researches and developments have been done in the university.

  • Thousands of International Students Getting Admissions in Shandong University

Thousands of international students are attracted to getting admissions in Shandong University (SDU) every year and apply in big numbers for admissions out of which some are selected.

  • Drastically Transformed from a Small University

Shandong University (SDU) has drastically transformed from a small university to a university with significant contributions in the field of medical science since its establishment.

  • Becoming a Renowned Medical Education Institution

The increase in the quality of education of the University has played an important role in it becoming a renowned medical education institution in China.

  • Provides Separate Education Facilities

It comprises of 8 campuses and each 1 one of these campuses provides separate education facilities.

  • 4 Hospitals Affiliated with Shandong University

The number of affiliated hospitals of Shandong University (SDU) is 4.

  • Teachers and Professors of Chinese Universities have Fluent Command on the English language

Most of the Chinese medical universities have hired the services of teachers and professors who are not natives from China and have fluent command on the English language to teach international students.

  • Get an Education in Those Universities of China

It is hard for the students to get an education in those Universities of China who do not have international faculty members.

  • Reasons Why the Students Choose to Study MBBS in Abroad

One of the reasons why the students choose to study MBBS in China is that they get to enjoy their freedom which is not easy to find in India while living with their parents.

  • Students, Plenty of Opportunities to Enjoy Their New Found Freedom

Getting an education in China provides the students with plenty of opportunities to enjoy their newfound freedom.

  • Focus on Education Along with Enjoying Independent Life

No one is judging them and they can focus on education along with enjoying an independent life.

  • Lots of Indian Students Studying in China

In China as there are lots of Indian students who are studying various courses.

  • Very Easy to Find Indian Restaurants to Enjoy Indian Food

It becomes very easy to find Indian restaurants and Indian students can enjoy Indian food whenever they feel like missing India.

  • Traveling Is Very Easy and Convenient

Traveling between major cities of China is easy and convenient and students can travel to many places in China and view the rich heritage of the country.

  • Getting Education Overseas Is Easy

A student must keep in mind that getting an education overseas is easy.

  • Necessary to Clear FMGE Exam

But getting it approved in India is necessary and they study hard to clear the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) exam organized by MCI (Medical Council of India).

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