Reasons Why Butter Chicken is So Popular

The uniqueness of this butter chicken recipe is within the accurate balance of tanginess, sweetness and velvety texture. It is very tough to create the same flavour, and if you are unlucky you might, you might get your hand dirty in the too sweet or too spicy curry which is nowhere near to the real butter chicken. So, if you are planning to cook it at home, make sure you do it the right way to avoid the disappointment. 

People love to eat butter chicken which is also known as ‘Murg makhani’ in Hindi. People from all walk of life and different parts of the world have fallen in love with this creamy recipe and is one of the most popular dishes in the world. There is no Indian restaurant that serves non-veg and doesn’t have butter chicken in his menu. It is a Mughal recipe that it is popular in Delhi and UP and no other place makes butter chicken like these two states.  

History of butter chicken 

The history of butter chicken is less than a century old and originated from a shop called ‘mukhe da dhaba’ in Peshawar of pre-partitioned India. As per some internet sources, the recipe was invented by Kundan Lal Gujral who used to make ‘seek kebabs’. But seek kebabs would become dry and lose all the flavours after a few hours. Hence, he made a simple tomato and butter gravy in which he would dip these kebabs, and the result was a mellifluous chicken recipe that is loved by everyone till date and has become even smoother and delicious over time. During partition, the maker of the dish shifted to Delhi, and since then this dish became staple Indian chicken curry loved by all. 

About butter chicken recipe:

This dish is mildly spicy, with creamy gravy that has boneless chicken kebabs or pieces in it that are as soft as butter and will melt in your mouth. It is eaten with Indian bread called naan. Those who don’t like the sweetness of the dish the make it spicy and those who want healthier version they don’t use too much of the butter. But the unique blend of spices like in tomato puree with onion garam masala and garlic along with the marinated chicken that is cooked perfectly in low heat is what gives the dish a unique flavour. Chicken is pre-cooked in tandoori style before it is dipped in the gravy that makes the dish even more tempting.

Author bio: The author of this write up is a traveller and a cook who writes about her experiences of food and travel and loves butter chicken recipe.

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