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According to Indian Vedic tradition, the balance of energy inside the human body is essential for his/her success and wellness and this is dependent on the position of nine planets at the time of one’s birth. These nine planets include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. For different people, gemstones have different meanings regards to their horoscope. And to gain the energy from these nine planets, there are nine major planetary gems. For example, natural pearl for the Moon, red coral for the Mars, ruby for the Sun, blue sapphire for the Saturn, etc. Gemstones are worn to balance and optimize the energies for well-being. Anyone can buy gemstones online or from the market. Wearing the original gemstone after consulting an astrologer would only benefit you. Be careful, wearing the wrong gemstone can cause severe side effects.

Gemstones are considered as a powerful tool to give strength to weak planets. Different gemstones have different relevance. Like a diamond, a gem for the Venus is famous for its dazzling effect and is the hardest precious stone on the Earth. It is a birthstone for April and represents love and money. Sapphire or white/safed pukhraj is a birthstone for September and it also has blue color due to iron and titanium traces. They are for financial well-being, happiness, confidence, and wisdom. Ruby is deep red which gives it a royal look. It is a birthstone for the month of July. Emerald being green symbolizes growth and prosperity. It is related to Mercury and is a birthstone for May.

The most common way of finding birthstone is by looking at a person’s zodiac sign or the day of the week or month or year of birth. There are twelve zodiac signs ruled by different planets and have corresponding gemstones. For Aries, there is a diamond for wealth, amethyst for patience, and emerald for protection. Taurus relates to rose quartz for love and care, lapis for stability, emerald to boost self-esteem. Gemini has agate for comfort and healing, tourmaline for good mental health. Pearls, moonstone, and peridot correspond to Cancer for wisdom, clarity, and healing. For Leo, there is ruby for warmth and generosity in nature and topaz for mental clarity. Virgo correlates to sapphire for positive mood, amethyst to get relief from stress, security, and confidence.

Libra has peridot to accomplish desires, opal for inspiration, and jade for prosperity. Onyx, black pearls, and garnet relate to Scorpio to enhance calm and tranquility. Turquoise, topaz, and quartz belong to Sagittarius for enhancing psychic communication, to temper your aggression and ambition. Snowflake obsidian, garnet, and sapphire correspond to Capricorn to stimulate a sense of authority and leadership, to increase confidence and intuitive abilities. Aquarius relates to amber for healing emotional injuries and hematite for focus, order, and discipline. For pieces, there is bloodstone and aquamarine for power, psychic accuracy, and comfort.

If you are buying gemstones online, then buy only certified gemstones from government certified sites. Khanna Gemstones owned by Mr. Pankaj Khanna, a well-known astrologer, and palmist with 30 years of experience, is the government certified seller in Delhi who sells good quality gemstones through both offline and online modes.

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