Rest glasses: what they are and how to choose them

Do you think that keeping your eyes closed for a few minutes can make you pass the annoying sensation of dryness and burning? Do you have headaches and red eyes and do not understand what the reasons may be? We tell you, the problem is the screens you stare at all day long.

Whether you are at work or at home, for most of the day you find yourself looking at an illuminated screen kept a short distance from your face. All this causes a lot of stress on your eyes and needless to say, even on your back and neck.

If you have ascertained that fortunately you have no vision problems but continue to have these annoying symptoms, you need to use restful glasses.

But what are restful glasses? How can I choose the ones that suit me best? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, rest assured that we will give you the necessary answers so that you can find the right glasses and above all to pass that bad headache and tingling in the eyes.

What are resting glasses?

Let’s start by explaining what rest glasses or PC glasses are. If you are among those who work in an office and once at home spend other hours in front of the mobile phone or tablet, you will most likely encounter that defined syndrome: Computer Vision.

The side effects of this syndrome are: red eyes, burning eyes, dry eyes, headache, nausea, dizziness and discomfort in the light.

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Inside closed spaces, the artificial lights mixed with the blue light that the PC screen projects, in the long run, risks causing damage to the macula, the central area of ​​the retina of the eye.

In support of the macula and in general your Better Values USA relaxing glasses come to your eyes . The lenses that are installed on this particular eyewear are designed and manufactured specifically to offer an enhanced field of vision and ensure a sharper and more protected vision at a moderate distance from the screen.

Finally, this also helps your posture and therefore you will avoid having back pain or neck pain, due to the incorrect position you assume when sitting at your desk you tend to get very close to the screen in order to see better.

Relaxing glasses to combat visual fatigue and red eyes after many hours on the PC

How to choose resting glasses?

Choosing resting glasses will not be very difficult for you, just follow some of our tips.

First of all, if you have vision problems, such as astigmatism or farsightedness, don’t worry, there are also graduated resting glasses, so you will have two glasses in one.

If there are no major visual problems, you can opt for a pair of sunglasses to be used only when you are at work, that is, when the eye suffers greater stress, due to the strong brightness of the screen and the annoying blue light of the displays. In this case it is better if you also choose an anti-reflective treatment for your resting lenses.

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Being however, glasses that do not invasively modify your vision, you can also choose to wear them even outside the office and why not, even when you are driving your car. Especially if you have to drive in the evening after a whole day spent at work between all kinds of artificial light.

Choose a sturdy but light frame and above all that reflects your look, given their low price you can indulge yourself with different shapes and colors, each to be combined with a different outlook.

Last precious tips for your sight if you work on the pc

Finally, we do not want to leave you without giving you other small but very useful tips to apply when you are at work in front of your PC.

Always keep the right distance between you and the computer screen. The indications that all ophthalmologists give are: 50 cm distance between the face and the screen. With this distance you will avoid assuming an incorrect posture and having neck or back pain.

Use only high-quality monitors, it is an important investment that will benefit your health. In fact, the screens of excellent quality transmit clear images and have the possibility to adjust the intensity of light coming from the monitor and finally, you will strain your eyes much less. Needless to say, you must always keep your computer screen clean.

In addition to adjusting the display lighting, you will also need to adjust the light inside the room. If you work in a dark office, the brightness of the screen should not be higher than the external one and vice versa.

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