Romantic Getaway to Parrot Islands in Your Honeymoon Trip to Andaman

Honeymoons always do not have to be about a romantic candlelight dinner or the flower beds set in a luxurious hotel. Once the couple had opted for an awesome destination like that of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to spend their first days since marriage together, there could be interesting things that are absolutely out of the box. They may go trekking in the woods or do underwater diving together on their honeymoon trip. Moreover, these exciting things are made available or found naturally in different locations of the islands. 
In fact, each of the islands could be seen different from each other. One such unique region is that unique islet, which is situated within the limits of Baratang area and often entitled as a ‘Bird’s paradise.’ Here we are going to divulge you about how the best can be made out these islands inhabited by such innumerable population of birds during your honeymoon days.
When you are travelling to ecologically rich environs like that of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, being rushed into some dwelling place of the avian life is typical. However, to watch them fly in sheer thousands at a particular time in a particular area could indeed be exceptional. Such an astonishing sight could be witnessed at a certain area of Baratang, better known as ‘Parrot Island.’ Here, the visitors could behold at a stunning sight of indefinite parrot coming out of nowhere and flying across the hued skies of these otherwise tranquil regions of Andaman Islands. A visit to this tiny island during your honeymoon can offer a different experience to couples travelling with packages to Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Moreover, the time in which this beautiful sight can be witnessed within a few moments after the dusk, which is deemed as one of the most romantic periods of a day. And more pleasantly, to watch this enchantment of Parrot Islands the visitors will be required to sail in a country boat. Couples would be transported to another world by this voyage across these pristine islands. The chirping of all these flying friends together with their flapping of wings creates certain evocative sounds. Such a reverberation produced by a large number of birds is known to rejuvenate the minds of the listeners. So, there are chances of hearing the soothing voices of their flapping wings even before arriving at the banks of the island.
Yet another interesting thing to be watched over by the newly married on this unique getaway could be the prototype in which the parrots would come over to these parts of the island. Initially, a few among them would round the crimson red firmament and return to the expanse of the never-ending sky after their dire inspection. Then about 10 minutes later, to the spectator’s astonishment, the flock of thousands or sometimes more than that would provide the onlookers with a spectacular sight that they had never seen before in their lives. So the visiting honeymooners are getting to view such a wonderful blissful sigh on their very first trip together to these exotic islands. For reminiscing those special moments they may capture them in their cameras.
Furthermore, the islet is sumptuous with its thick vegetation of mangroves that could be the breeding place of these birds. Such dense forest covers are also home to a diverse population of flora and fauna, other than the green parrots and the parakeets. If the newlyweds are new to these charming topographical conditions, with this trip to the Parrot Island in Baratang, they will be gifting each other with the joyful instances of sailing across the serene ocean waters, exciting photography sessions, bird watching and above all viewing a mesmerizing sunset with their favourite person. Nature lovers are going to have more fun and exhilaration in this romantic getaway. In short, planning to head to the Parrot Island for a romantic getaway could end up as one of the best decisions that the honeymooners would take.
Just like the Parrot Island, there are many things out there for the couples honeymooning in the Andaman Islands. And if they would love to indulge in any exciting water sports activities, choices are plenty for them. In addition to it, there are various stunning beaches and few significant historical sites that cannot be skipped on your honeymoon trip to these exotic Islands.
Andaman Tour Travel based in Port Blair very evocatively arranges romantic trips to both the popular and unexplored stunning locations. In addition to that, you may engage in numerous nerve-wracking water sports activities that are exclusive to the islands. Such thrilling experiences gained during your honeymoon would indeed be worthy enough. For all these, the reputed travel firm had created diverse honeymoon package from most of the major Indian cities at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? You may grab the best travel deals by booking their packages online or by ringing them up in the WhatsApp number given on their website.  

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