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Simple And Efficient Tips On How To Make Myself Strong

Have you ever been told to lighten up or to calm down or to even take a chill pill if so today’s topic on how to make myself strong is for you because I’m gonna be breaking down 7 signs you need to be mentally strong, that might be scaring some people right now?

First one- You hate when people cover up their true feelings and they don’t say how things it really is. They kinda just tell you half-heartedly and you’re waiting there for hours with so many stories they’re telling to get to their freaking point.

Go on to the second point, you hate time wasters. You know those people who say I’m gonna meet you at two o’clock and they arrive ten minutes late you hate that don’t you. You hate people who don’t value your time. You can’t handle those people and you can’t really understand why they’re so late all the time at the same time you hate people who do all this small talk you know in the queue whilst waiting for your Starbucks or whatever you are being told how nice the weather is and you’re thinking to yourself oh my God this small talk is driving me nuts right or in the elevator. All of this small talk do they ever have a deeper subject topic like Spirituality, Philosophy, Personal Development something that brings out the best in you. Not talk about the weather all the time, right?

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Going on to the third point, you pick your friends wisely. As a strong person, you don’t rely on your friends to bring you up all the time because you’ve mastered you. You understand the fact that the only person will ever bring you up is yourself. And so you don’t need these insecure friends to tell you how great you are and you also need to tell them how great they are. You rather have friends that are intellectual, that’s bringing you real value into your life and you also bringing value to them and you basically treasure their time and they treasure your time and so your very picky with the people you hang around with.

Number four is you’re not an attention seeker. This is because you’re confident enough to not feel the need for significance or to be in the spotlight. You don’t wanna be that classroom clown because you know yeah you’ve through that in the past but this is not you now, you’ve grown, right? You don’t need that significance. You know what your worth and you don’t need others to prove that to you. You know exactly who you are. You’re not an attention seeker. That is the fourth point.

Going on to the fifth point, you need time to recharge. You give it everything you’ve got in your life in regards to your social life, in regards to your work life, in regards to your health and thus you like to spend some time every now and then on your own to recharge. You like to spend time just doing nothing, just so you can rejuvenate so when you’re back on the field giving your everything you got to guess what? You can squeeze every drop out that given day.

So you love to spend time on your own and you love to recharge as well. Your moods move like a pendulum, right than a deep lake. One day you may have a deep chat with someone and the next day not have the time for them or maybe just not as much time as the day before. Your emotions tend to set your moods which change often. One moment you’re happy, one moment you’re sad one moment you’re angry, one moment you’re calm. Can you relate? You can be moody at times.

Going on to the final point, you are fearless. Well, that’s what most people think about you but you do fear don’t you? However you take action and whilst the majority of people they kind of get stuck, they procrastinate the process you still get it done because you didn’t want your life to be controlled by this fear and people look up to you as a result of that. They think you are fearless but you know the fact that you’re just an action taker at heart So those are the seven signs that you may have a strong personality that may be scaring some people and so you may be wondering Tim what should I do now?

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Well, this is my advice to you, continue being you. Life is too short to basically fit into other people’s pictures. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have, by the way, be sure to click that like button and comment below in regards to any questions or feedback you may have and share this with your friends who don’t quite understand you right now but you want them to understand you and without further ado, follow your heart my friend and take action and go live the life you’re born to live! See you in the next article soon. Take care.

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