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What is Solar Water Heater? How Does it Works?

Solar water heater is one of the most innovative and environment-friendly appliance which heats the water with the help of solar energy(sun’s heat). This modern-day appliance has become a main attraction of the middle-class families and the people who are conscious about saving money. Solar water heaters have proven themselves one of the most useful appliances in households. Moreover, these water heaters have become a perfect alternative to the water heaters which consume electricity and gases to heat the water.

The working of the solar water heaters is very simple because all the energy required to heat the water comes directly from the sun. talking about the structure and the parts of the solar water it has insulated tank at the top which is filled with cold water. The supply of the cold water in this tank made through the terminal which is connected to water tanks of the households.

Generally, the insulated tank of the solar water heater has two terminals for maintaining water supply. One terminal is made on the lower part of the tank from where the water supply comes in and the other terminal is made in the upper part of the tank from where the hot water supply goes out. The fact behind making these terminals upward and downward is that when the water gets hot, its density changes and it becomes lighter than cold water. It gets collected over the cold water.

For heating the water the tank is connected with a zig-zag piping system. One end of this piping system is connected in the lower end of the insulated tank from where the cold water comes in and the other end of the piping system is connected to the upper part of the insulated tank from where the hot water gets displaced in the tank in the upper part.

For increasing the efficiency of the solar water heater the zig-zag piping system is made from the copper or any conductive material. These copper are further colored black so that more and more heat is absorbed by the water inside the pipes.

What are the Benefits of Solar Water Heater?

Eco-friendly technology

Solar water heater uses very eco-friendly technology to heat the water with the use of solar energy. These solar water heaters are very efficient and effective at their work. This water heaters do not use non-renewable energy like electricity and gas.

Cuts down electricity bills

Majority of the water heaters in the market nowadays uses electricity, Solar water heaters instead of electric water heaters will not use any electricity. As a result, your electricity bills will get cut down with huge amount. Now you can save more money.

Low Maintenance

Solar water heaters need very little maintenance. The maintenance of the water solar heaters depends on the hardens of the water. Hardens of the water plays a very important role in the life span of the water heater because the minerals and the chemicals of the water can get deposited in the bottom of the tank and can corrode it. For the daily maintenance of the solar water heater you just need to clean the pipes of the solar water heater to maintain its efficiency of the heater to heat the water.

Keeps the water hot for a long time

Electric and gas water heaters can keep the water hot for up to 2 hours but the solar water heaters can keep the water hot all night. As it takes all the day time to heat the water and has to keep the water hot all night for morning use. The water in the insulated tank remains hot all night, just 2 to 3-degree temperature of the water drops down in the tank of the solar water heater.

Why We Should Use Solar Water Heater?

We should use the solar water heater because they are the best equipments for putting the solar energy to the use. They don’t require electricity supply to heat the water. These water heaters are the future of the water heater industry as they are very efficient at their work. In many countries, they have become very essential devices in households to cut down utility bills.

Moreover, the lifespan of these water heaters is very long and demands very less maintenance cost. The most amazing thing is that it is supporting many middle-class families which cannot afford to have big electricity bills in their households. In high pace life of the world, solar water heaters are working very efficiently and effectively in saving money and non-renewable sources of energy.

Where I Can Buy Solar Water Heater?

If you want to buy a solar water heater you can visit any shop in a nearby marketplace which sells electric and home appliances. You can also contact the companies of solar water heaters. They will install the solar water heaters in your house or office buildings at a cheaper price without taking any showroom prices.

Before buying solar water heaters some important points should be kept in mind. The points are given below.

  • There are two types of flat plate converters (FPC) and evacuated pipes converters(EPC). The difference between both of them is that FPC is used where you want hot water for commercial use and wants temperature of water up to 95 and 100-degree Celcius. EPC solar water heaters are used where you need hot water household use and wants temperature of the water up to 60-70 degree Celcius.
  • Solar water heaters comes with two types of system pressurized system and pressurized system. The difference is that the pressurized system is used where the water is too much hard in nature and an pressurized system is used where water is less hard in nature.

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