SUV vs Sedan: Which is better?

When buying a new car, many people have questions like which car is best for me an SUV or a sedan? As these cars are the most common choice among people who drive to their workplaces from home.

Both vehicles have their own pros and cons. Whether it’s about accommodating more people or finding reasonably priced vehicles— let’s discover a few benefits of both types of vehicles to understand what suits you best:

Benefits of an SUV

A Perfect Vehicle to Carry More People

SUVs are perfect when it comes to carrying more people. If you want to go on a weekend getaway with your large group of friends or you want to hit the beach to spend some quality time with your family, an SUV would be the perfect vehicle for you.

SUVs come with more seating capacity. A mid-sized SUV can carry 6 to 7 people, whereas a large-sized SUV like Chevrolet Suburban has the capacity to accommodate 9 people.

Better Towing

These gigantic cars can tow up to 8,000 lbs. However, the towing capability can vary depending upon the type of SUV you have. But they definitely have more towing power than sedans. For instance, the Ford Expedition can tow 9,200 pounds, while Land Rover Discovery maxes out by 7,716 pounds.

Good for Pets and Cargo

SUVs have more room when it comes to carrying things — from cargo to pets. With rare foldable seats, the cars offer you enough room to put any object. Your furry friend can easily lie down and enjoy the itinerary with you.

Confident Off-Road Drives

Known for its tall driving height and boxy looks — SUVs have great suspensions and can easily go off-road. Some SUVs even come with 4×4 capability which makes it perfect to go for a wild adventure or a desert ride.

Surviving in tough off-road conditions — SUV tires are known for their better traction because of the deep tread.

Many SUV cars come in 4×4 driving variants with robust suspensions which make the journey smoother in even the steepest roads.

Whether you want to climb massive mountains or zip through mesmerizing deserts with your favourite music accompanying you, these reliable vehicles are just as adventurous as you are.

Benefits of a Sedan

More budget-friendly

Typically, sedans are cheaper than SUVs. If you have a tight budget, you should definitely go for a sedan as maintaining and insuring a sedan may take less money than it would for an SUV.

More fuel efficiency

SUVs are heavier and are not economic when it comes to fuel consumption. Even fuel-efficient SUVs offer a mileage of around 20-25 MPG, whereas a sedan gives a mileage of around 30 to 40 MPG.

If you are looking for a car that is economical in fuel consumption, you should definitely go for a sedan. Despite the fuel-efficiency factor, the performance of the car is unaffected.

Separate space for the luggage

Sedans have separate space to put your luggage while you enjoy the luxurious drive. These vehicles are known for their incomparable comfort. As car making companies are incorporating better features, the user experience is beginning to become more opulent. Hence, features like ventilated seats are offered to customers.

Sedans are speedy

Sedans are lighter and smaller than SUVs. Some people think this is a disadvantage, but you can easily park a smaller vehicle compared to a larger vehicle that takes more space.

Another reason one would prefer a sedan over an SUV is due to their aerodynamic style these light-weighted cars accelerate much faster.

Sedans are stylish

Sedans are stylish cars and look extremely classy. Known for their aerodynamic shape, these vehicles are close to the ground. So, the driver has better control of the car. Being light in weight and aerodynamic in shape, these vehicles come with various features of convenience.

We hope the question “should I buy SUV or sedan” has been answered. And now, you can make an informed and rational decision to meet your transportation needs.

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