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The Amazing Benefits of Living in Hillside Homes

Houses are a life-long investment. You want to make sure nothing goes wrong during the construction phase and that your hard-earned cash does not go in vain. That said, building a house requires thorough consideration and decision-making.

Whether you purchase or build a dream home, location is one of the most important factors to look at. We all have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right place to live in. While some of us prefer urban homes, others dream of remote living — whether it be on the coast or in a mountainous area. 

Hillside houses make an excellent choice for a number of reasons, and on top of these is the alluring access to unlimited views. If you have this innate connection with nature, then you must be dreaming about the rest of your life spent in a hillside house close to various tall trees, green meadows, and small bodies of water. Satisfying, right?

There are, however, a few problems to expect when living on a hill and we’re all aware of that. Landslides and the hassle of climbing steps are among the significant disadvantages that you might face in the long run. But, with strong planning and full cooperation with reputable project home builders, there are ways to make hillside living less dangerous and problematic. 

On the brighter side, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from living on a hill. 

Breathtaking views are 100% free.  

As we’ve mentioned earlier, unlimited access to picturesque views is the most common perk that is associated with a house built on a hillside. Homeowners enjoy a few exclusive architectural designs that we rarely see in ordinary flat-level houses. For example, a walk-out basement, a balcony or some large panoramic windows that will treat you to unblocked views of a majestic mountain or a placid ocean, given your location tops the tallest trees.

Trust us when we say that being at an elevated spot where you can watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee in your hand is something money cannot buy.    

Exclusivity at Its Finest!   

Remoteness and exclusivity are other privileges offered by hillside living. You get to experience a peaceful life away from the crowded, rowdy cities. Most importantly is that your safety is ensured.

Hillside communities usually consist of affluent homeowners who can afford to live in expensive hillside real estate. That is why well-off people would often put up a resthouse in such remote areas.   

Hillside homes are energy-efficient.

If your goal is to live efficiently, considering a hillside house can be a great move. Because it’s close to natural resources, your hillside house receives natural ventilation that tends to reduce your energy bills. With cool, refreshing air, you don’t necessarily have to invest in pricy cooling systems. 

High areas also ensure a better flow of natural light and water, which you won’t likely find in traditional houses that are surrounded by buildings. It’s like a win-win situation with nature as it helps you lower your monthly bills and you help conserve energy in return. 

You maximise your space. 

Hillside living makes a lot of sense if you are a fan of house styles with additional floor levels. A house built on sloped land forces requires vertical extensions, unlike bungalows. Additional floor levels can give your house a significant character and higher resale value. This vertical extension also provides an efficient space distribution that you can maximise.

If you want to earn some extra cash on the side, you can rent out your additional spaces and floor levels to travellers or mountaineers. You just need to make placement on Airbnb to let customers know that you are offering short-term accommodation.       


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