The amazing world of cakes and some fun facts

Made out of eggs, milk, butter, flour, and sugar, cake is often considered to be a healthy food because of the high protein stuffed ingredients. Enough carbohydrates for energy, fiber for digestion, and proteins for body building are found in cakes, thus making it mandatory for you to eat it. Cakes with various flavors like mango, black forest, pineapple, butter scotch, red velvet, etc. are one of the most sought after celebration food types in the world. Whether you are at home or your loved ones are away from you, cakes always form a bridge between you. With modern day advantage of online shopping, one can get cake delivery online

Cake – some fun facts

As there are many variety of cakes there are many such fun facts of cake that can be fun to know. Read on and have fun.

  • 27th January is the National Chocolate cake day in USA. Chocolate is one of the most favored flavors of the world and at least 58% of people of the world voted for it. May be very soon this day would be adopted by the whole world as chocolate cake day and have fun.
  • Scotland is known as the land of cakes. Do you know why? Because one of the poets of 18th Century named Robert Fergusson called Scotland as land of cakes. He stated, “Oh, soldiers! For your ain dear sakes For Scotland’s, alias, Land o’ Cakes.” Till today the oatmeal cake is hugely popular in this place which was initially made for soldiers.
  • The world’s largest wedding cake was made by the creative chefs at Mohegan Sun hotel and Casino in February, 2004. It weighed a whopping 6818 Kg.
  • Everything has a price and so do cakes. Do you know anything about the world’s most expensive cake? Well, it was designed by chef D.K. in Aitken Spence Hotels and Heritance Hotels and Resorts. The name given to this amazing cake was “Pirates Fantasy”. Sapphire and other precious stones and gems were used to embellish this cake. Can you guess the price of this cake? It was 35 million dollars.
  • Have you ever dreamt of cakes? Every dream has some sort of a meaning and dreaming about cakes can be divided into two categories. If you have dreamt of a birthday cake, if means love and care of people that people shower on you on everyday basis. May be this dream is indicating that you should be more attentive to these people. If you have dreamt about a wedding cake, it means good luck is round the corner for you.

Learning about facts of cakes must have enriched your knowledge about these delicious cakes. And therefore the taste is going to be relished more by you. Get a cake delivery in Delhi and make your loved ones feel special and let them enjoy the benefits of cake.

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