The ancient trading system called Barter system still prevails in Kanthalloor

Famously known as ‘god’s own country’ Kerala lures hundreds of travellers to explore the splendid beauty of the region. The state is an abode of mesmerising wonders. More than the explored regions the state consists of unexplored places. The undulating hill stations, mystical mist unveiling the mountains and valleys, pleasant climate, meandering rivers, picture-postcard hamlets, thundering waterfalls, rippling streams and many more make the state a captivating tourist destination in India. Besides these factors, the historic monuments, forts, palaces, museums, and many more add charm to the beguiling beauty of the state. The state was once under the administration of royal kings and other rulers. Through them, many developments took place in the state. After gaining independence all the states in the nation became democratic and secular. And therefore there came an end to the kingship. Followed to it many new reforms took place in various states and it is highly reflected in Kerala. The state gave prime importance to the enhancement in the education sector, the medical field, and finally in the tourism sector. By doing so the state became one of the most attractive destinations in the nation. Each district is known for its unique factors and eye-catching beauty. Describing the peculiarities of each and every district in a single document is not possible. Therefore it would be good to concentrate on a single district say Idukki. One would become speechless when asked to define the beauty of Idukki. Idukki is one of the alluring districts in ‘god’s own country’. The famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio once said that Idukki is ‘a paradise on earth’. The busiest place in Idukki is the Painav. 97 per cent of the region is thickly populated with forest and mountains. More than the Malayalees it is the national and international travellers who frequently visit the region and explore its virgin beauty. If someone asks which are the most famous places in Idukki. Without wasting any seconds people would spontaneously say it none other than Munnar, Thekkady, Ramakalmedu and so on. While traversing the winding lanes of Idukki one could inhale the smell of tea leaves in the cool breeze, gurgling streams, and rolling hills of spices together make the destination a haven for travellers. The district could be explored only by road as it lacks rail and airways. As aforementioned, there are many places in the district that are yet to be explored and among them, Kanthalloor stands at the top.


Kanthalloor is one of the most beautiful places situated in the district of Idukki. It is positioned amidst the Western Ghats. It is an exquisite destination to enjoy the emerald beauty of the region. It is located at a distance of 330 km from the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram and 180 km from the Ernakulum district. In other words, Kanthaloor serves as a border between Kerala and Tamilnadu by residing between Udumalpet and Munnar. As it is positioned 5000 feet above mean sea level the region is famous for its salubrious climate and picture-perfect landscapes. Does anybody the nickname of Kanthalloor? The Kanthalloor is also known as ‘Kerala’s Kashmir’ or ‘land of fruits’. There is a reason for calling the place as ‘land of fruits’. It is only placed in the state of Kerala where one could see varieties of fruits being cultivated in no other regions. Fruits that are seen in large quantities are orange, blackberry, strawberry, plum, egg fruits, passion fruits, peach, gooseberry, sugarcane, and so on.  Along with fruits a wide range of crops and other vegetables could also be seen over there such as cauliflower, carrot, beans, cabbage, potato, and garlic and so on. People over there also practise terrace farming widely. The serene farmlands and echoing valleys add beauty to the region.

The most favourable time to enjoy the stupendous beauty of the region is during the monsoon days. On those days the region will be completely drenched in heavy downpours. The premises will be dazzling as their dust will be wiped off in the downpours. Visit the region during early mornings and evenings to witness the Kodamanju or dense fog. As the region is not so popular travellers availing of tour packages for the family can discover the magical gem hidden in the environment. Many travel operators come forward with exciting tour packages and Gogeo Holidays always stands ahead of them. They formulate travel packages to Kerala for the people from Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore at cheap and exciting rates. There are many other noteworthy places are seen around the Kanthalloor and they are as follows.

Anamudai National Park is situated close to Kanthalloor. The park was formerly known as ‘Mannavan Chola national park’. What makes the region so beautiful is the presence of giant ferns. One could also witness a wide range of fauna and flora. People who have seen the famous Malayalam movie called ‘Bhramaram’ will never forget the audacious serene nature and picturesque landscapes. Those places were shot in Kanthalloor. The Kulachivayal rocks situated over there will give a spectacular aerial view of the surrounding regions especially the windmills of TamilNadu. The Kulachivayal rocks are now known as ‘Bhramaram rocks’. The famous Sri Rama Cave temple is situated at a distance of 2 km from Kanthalloor. It remains open only on Tuesdays and visitors could see an idol of Lord Ram inside the cave. Kanthalloor is also popular for jaggery production. One could find a large number of jaggery production centres over there. Jaggeries are produced in large quantities by heating eth sugarcane juices in a large vessel. How could one forget to mention the most important custom of the village? It is nothing but the barter system. Hope everybody knows what the barter system is. It is the ancient trading activity in which both seller and receiver exchange goods. There lives a lady called Ponnamma and she owns a grocery shop over there. She gives rice and other essential commodities to the customers and in return, they give her garlic, ginger, mustard, coriander and so on. The localities solely depend on her grocery shop. The ancient barter system gained popularity during demonetisation that took place in 2016 in India.