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The Best Places to Visit for an Ultimate “Momcation”

They say motherhood is a gift and that’s quite true. 

But sometimes mama needs a vacation, too!

As a mom that rarely (or never) travels alone ever since they’ve entered parenthood, travelling is much more like a full-time “mama work” than a vacation. So, you travel with your husband and kids. You carry your children’s things throughout the trip, check on them while they’re sleeping, you escort your tiny humans whenever they feel like peeing, and you never get to stare out of the window because somehow your eldest daughter wants the window seat. So, technically you’re travelling; but, the truth is that most of your attention is likely focused on the kids over the gorgeous places you’re in.    

I bet those scenarios are very familiar to you. That’s when “momcation” started to flare up on Instagram and became a controversial trend among busy, working moms trying to take a short break from mamahood. I know you’re a little curious and interested in this hashtag thing called momcation. Momcation simply means what it sounds like ‒ a vacation for moms which means no dads or kids are allowed to join the trip. If you haven’t tried that before, then maybe it’s about time you give yourself a break ‒ away from the neverending household chores, earsplitting crybabies, and bustling workplace. 

To guide you on your first ever #momcation, we’d love to give you the best places to visit so hop in, mother, and get ready to join the club.

The Emerald Isle

First stop ‒ the beautiful, lush green republic of Ireland  ‒ is a small island that boasts for its friendly people, affordable hotel accommodations, and countless travel spots from historical museums to local pubs, castle ruins, mountain cliffs, and more. Check out this link if your goal is to visit some IGable spots in Ireland: 

Cebu, Philippines

Looking for a perfect beach getaway around Asia? The Philippines would be a great choice. One of the fastest developing countries in the continent, the Philippines is comprised of more than 7,000 islands making it a go-to country for great tropical escapes. As we explored the best beaches in the country, Sumilon Island in Cebu makes the most ideal spot for momcationers like you. The island provides a peaceful sanctuary, turquoise waters, pearl white sand, and a stunning sandbar that you can reach by boat.    

San Sebastian, Spain

Into foodie haven? No problem. A place in Spain surely got you! San Sebastian is the only place in Spain that offers food tours and cooking classes such as Mimo Food company if you want to learn cooking in Basque style. In this region, you’ll experience the delight of pintxos ‒ traditional appetiser-like snack usually served at bars and restaurants. Instead of sitting down for a meal, try this snack as you spend some downtime sitting at the beach because San Sebastian is known for its stunning bayfront promenade that frames two beaches including Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta. 


A US state in New England, Massachusetts, is famous for its world-renowned yoga and health centre called Kripalu Institute. For a busy mom like you, it makes plenty of sense that you take some time to meditate and enhance your mindfulness skills to reduce your stress level and keep you healthy and young-looking. Kripalu Institute is nestled in the mountains of Stockbridge, offering workshops that allow your mind and body to relax and enhance your parenting style through silent retreats, discussions, and more.     


A magic-carpet-ride experience is waiting for you in the semi-arid region of Turkey. We’ve been seeing this place in socials recently and we bet this one deserves a spot on your bucket lists. Cappadocia is best known for its “fairy chimneys” rock formation and stunningly-rugged landscapes brought by erosions in the earlier times. But in the past years, Cappadocia also became a famous hot air ballooning spot. Most tourists are visiting the place basically to ride the balloons or just witness them flying from afar. 

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