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The Glory of Butter Chicken in the Kitchen

Chicken is more than often the favorite of almost all people worldwide. Delicacies using chicken have been invented around the globe in a variety of cuisines, with varying spice levels, different modes of cooking and a multitude of flavors. The tender meat is relished for its buttery wings and its very succulent breasts. However, some recipes stand out in all countries and here you can find a unique story about butter chicken.

The Story of Butter Chicken

Found in almost all menus both Indian and international, the butter chicken recipe dates back to the fifties in the capital city of India – Delhi. But, according to some historians, butter chicken was brought from the Peshawar to India and it was first tried by an Indian named Kundan Lal Gurjal. Later, he open a restaurant in Delhi (Moti Mahal) where they mixed the leftover marinades along with some butter and tomatoes, stewing it over ‘tandoor’ chicken. The secret of the recipe lies in the chicken which is first cooked in a clay oven and still now you can find some restaurants where butter chicken roasted in clay oven only. However, clay ovens are no more available and people can try this recipe on their griller now.

Getting Low Fat Butter Chicken

Though the name itself indicates the calorie count bundled up in the dish, but you can make it low calorie to suit your diet pattern. Replace the butter with oil while sauteeing your ingredients thus easily reducing your calorie count from 391 to 273. Pair your butter chicken recipe with soft fluffy naans or even some ghee rice or jeera rice for easy digestion.

How Best to Get The Right Flavour

Making butter chicken within an hour or two will give you a good taste of course, but for a flavourful chicken, it is essential that you set the chicken to marinate overnight. For the smoky taste in the chicken, you must cook the chicken pieces in a clay oven until it is tender. By doing these steps, you can have restaurant-style authentic butter chicken in your kitchen.

Seasoning Sprinkled

Butter Chicken is one of the famous dishes of India which is served as a dinner menu in the western countries. This can be claimed from the fact that people around the world enjoy eating butter chicken both when visiting India as well as in their homes. In fact, it is so good that you will find butter chicken recipes being used as a dish for breakfasts, lunch, and dinner.

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The author is a renowned food blogger who lives in Chandigarh. After running his own Punjabi food joint in the city for years and after gaining much popularity he started off his career as a blogger as well. In this article he shared the information about butter chicken recipe.

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