The Maharashtrian & Maratha Marriage Vedic Traditions in India


Marathi, a lifestyle surprisingly inspired by way of the saints, has usually believed in living a humble life devoting themselves to the land and to god. The equal simplicity is meditated in all elements of the Marathi people even today, be it the meals, the attire, the occupations. Their wedding celebrations are also stimulated by their historical traditions.

A conventional Maratha arranged marriage involved enrolling the potentialities right into a Maratha vadhuvarsuchak kendra now changed by using web sites much like the Art of Living Maratha matrimony website. A factor to be aware right here is that Marathi is an inclusive time period encompassing many one of a kind castes and creeds such as Brahmins, Buddhists, Marathas, Vaishyas, and so on. As a result, wedding ceremony ceremonies would possibly vary for all of them. But, here is the ‘terms ‘that you may most usually pay attention whilst a Marathi wedding ceremony is around the corner.

The subsequent step in a Maratha wedding is lagnaach bedi or locating a suitable match var (groom) or vadhu (bride) from a own family of identical status. The patrikas (horoscopes) of the boy and the woman are in comparison and `guna milan’ (matching factor) is assessed. The horoscope may be considered best if sixteen or more `gunas’ suit.

Then baithak, a assembly between the elders of two households takes place. The mother and father and close household speak at the numerous subjects regarding the marriage ceremony. The mahurat (auspicious date and time) for the marriage is deliberated.

In a standard Marathi wedding are as follows

1. Tila -the contractual reserving rite – suggested ‘tea-laa’, is the Marathi version of ‘rokha’or the pre engagement rite saying that the bride or groom want now not seek any in addition. This Tila is finished with the aid of the elders from the bride’s circle of relatives and the groom’s circle of relatives and they input into a ceremonial contract to get the couple married inside the destiny. This indicates the bride and groom were booked for each other and can now correctly choose out of any Maratha marriage bureau if enrolled. That is the first actual step which occurs while the two households or the couples have certified the primary standards which may additionally include matters together with circle of relatives historical past, education, pursuits, characteristics, and in lots of cases patrikas or horoscopes are matched. Its miles usually a small affair hung on a tiny scale attended through none other than the on the spot circle of relatives participants. This is wherein the couple can start formally understanding each other and planning their publish married existence.

 2. In Marathi the formal engagement is referred to as the sakharpuda( sugar packets

This rite is the authentic announcement in public that the bride and groom have widely wide-spread every different. A characteristic is held where family and prolonged family contributors pals and relatives of both families attend. With the appearance of modern extravagant affairs this affair has become a big affair or a mini wedding ceremony of kinds. Prior to the engagement ceremony the bride is proficient with a saree along with bangles of green color through her might be in –laws. She wears the present at the engagement day. In sakharpuda, the bride-to-be is talented a sari and a packet of sugar (or sweets these days), by using the groom’s circle of relatives. This present shows that the bride after she comes to the in –legal guidelines location will spread sweetness inside the house. Following this the couples exchange rings.

3. Kelvan – it’s far any other function in continuation of the formal engagement ceremony in which pooja is performed for the ancestral deities of both the groom and brides’ side. This is surely a easy own family get-collectively so families from both facet get to realize every different and dine together. The bride and groom, at the side of their families, are one after the other invited for a meal through their respective household and buddies.

4. Simant Puja – Simant means limits. Consequently, the groom and the marriage birthday celebration (bharati) are welcomed at the outer limits of the village and the bride’s mother washes the groom’s ft in a plate, places kumkumtilak and akshata (turmeric stained rice) on groom’s head, does aarti and gives madhupak (combination of honey and curd). Groom’s own family individuals are also offered the madhupak. The groom is then proficient a trousseau like fit, jewelry and many others… Meanwhile, the groom’s mom and female spouse and children visit the bride’s region and give her five sarees, jewelry and so on. This is accompanied through a special lunch. Every now and then this pooja is executed at the day of the marriage most effective.

5. Turmeric is said to be very auspicious and marks the begin of the Hindu Maratha wedding. In Marathi referred to as halad. – the halad is held an afternoon earlier than the bridal ceremony in which the groom is smeared with pounded turmeric paste by means of a few 5 married women, called suhasinis. The haldi which is left over after applying to the groom’s is sent ceremoniously to the brides home and is then carried out through the brides married lady relative. Significance of this ritual is that haldi is a herbal antiseptic and purifies consequently on its application one may be freed from all sicknesses. After this ceremony, the bride and groom are not allowed to go outside domestic.

6. The main ceremony or the vivahaor marriage ceremony-

A Maratha wedding ceremony takes place within the morning. The lagna samaroh or the bridal ceremony.

A) The day of the wedding begins with the chuda rite. Just like bridal shower. This takes region within the crack of dawn of the day. Throughout this time, the bride is furnished with the aid of her in –legal guidelines with a chuda that is a special Indian jewellery of bangle. The bride is given green bangles and she or he wears them interspersed with gold, pearl or diamond bangles depending on their social popularity. Inexperienced signifies auspiciousness symbolic of new existence, creativity and quietness.

B) Next it is the Ganesh Puja, t is said that earlier than any accurate paintings it is required to invoke lord ganesha as he is the god of desirable success. Maharashtra has a special impact and unique devoting for lord ganesha.

C) Gowrihar puja

The setting up of muhurtapatra to degree time heralds the start of the actual rite? The auspicious second of the wedding. Trickling of water drop by means of drop counts the seconds whilst the bride draped in a conventional yellow or inexperienced saree and half of moon painted on her forehead (for luck), worships goddess parvati, who is ideally suited of marital bliss. The bride maintains praying to the goddess till the moment she is referred to as to the mandap.

D) This is once more now accompanied by welcoming the groom through the bride’s family. That is done by washing the feet of the groom after which imparting him with presents that specifically has silverware in it. This welcoming lifestyle is called seemant puja.

E) The rite that takes place after this is the Lagna Muhurat. On this all of the visitors and the own family contributors stand within the mandap wherein the wedding goes to take place. Everybody is given with akshat, a unique kind of rice. The bride and groom dress within the traditional Marathi attire. The bride usually wears a nauvarisadi( 9 yards sari generally inexperienced in colour) manufactured from silk. The groom wears a easy white and orange dhoti kurta. The idea is to emulate the ideal couple, shiva and parvati, who are the function models of every Hindu own family.

The groom stands facing closer to the west at the side of a garland in his hand and the priest makes a display of clothe in front of the groom. The bride arrives and behind her stands the groom’s mother with a black bead’s string that also has a gold bead in her hand. Presently the relatives and other human’s gift in the interim sings the traditional songs sung for the bridal ceremony. The groom’s mother finally ties the string this is referred to as eksari in the bride’s neck. This is executed through tying and knot at the stanzas of the conventional tune mangalashtaka. On the closing stanzas of the track the priest gets rid of the cloth display screen and the bride and the groom places the garlands in each deferent’s neck.

F) Laxmi Narayan Puja

Each the bride and the groom are worshipped as goddess Lakshmi and lord Narayan and after the of entirety of marriage ceremony.

G) After this rite, the ceremony of  Lajahoma takes location inside the night time of the identical day. This tradition takes location in the front of fireplace. Right here each the bride and the groom take oath for lifetime. It is after the taking of oaths that the groom ties an Indian necklace this is worn by using the married Indian girls the mangalsutra around her neck and additionally puts sindoor or vermillion on her hair parting.

H) The very last ceremony is the saptapadi. On this rite the mandap is surrounded through seven hundreds of rice along with betel leaves and the fireplace on put on at the centre of the mandap. The bride follows the groom and touches the hundreds of rice with her proper foot. After it is finished, the couple gives the parched grains together with the betel leaf to the fire and for this reason completing the wedding at a glad note. Consequently, can be the Marathi wedding is the most effective wedding ceremony but the revel in is wealthy and unforgettable.

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