The Outbreak of ‘COVID-19’ on the Teaching & Learning Process.

In the last 2019, December, the novel Covid-19 contagious disease (caused by SARS Cov-2 virus and another family of viruses) pandemic surprised and harried everyone’s life. The city Wuhan in China was the one who reported the first human cases of COVID-19 in December 2019 which created a panic situation across the world. Top Scientist from leading research institutions in the country had estimated that the ancestor of the novel COVID-19 strain from Wuhan was in the air of circulation by December 11, 2019, and some other scientist estimated to have it in Telangana and other states in India between November 26 and December 25 but the December was the month when this epidemic problem born and halted the entire life of a human being.

Sources: Coronavirus in India: Scientists estimate Covid may have entered India in November-December | India News – Times of India (

 In the first wave of Covid -19, the number of cases started diagnosing and were accelerating at an increasing rate. It started spreading like salt into the water which was uncontrollable, alive, and unstoppable. People reported serious health issues. According to the Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in India (January–May 2020) – Wikipedia the first case was confirmed & reported on 30th January at Thrissur’s district in Kerala and so on many people started infected also have a great influence on the economy. Education Industry is one of them that has affected a lot and it is still suffering.

The Second Wave of Covid-19 is also on the same pace and affecting people with new unknown facts and figures. According to the report in Times of India  Covid Second Wave India News: India’s second Covid wave to peak in mid-April, may infect 25 lakh; SBI report | India News – Times of India ( Indian likely to affect nearly 25 lakh cases during the current wave of infection and a realistic figure shows that 1.17 crore people in India suffered from NOVEL coronavirus since the birth of epidemic last year.

The outbreak of Deadly Corona Virus at Education system in India

‘Education starts with the birth of an individual and it goes on till his last’ but the COVID-19 made the above statement worthless, owing to this epidemic disease, the entire teaching and learning process has been halted and suffered the loss of time, energy & knowledge. It was the mass destruction of the life of the Indian educators. The educational institutions started facing various obstacles like, what should be the teaching methodology to maintain the standards of education? What online platform to be used to deliver quality classes by keeping various parameters in mind? How to keep a record of attendance of the students as well as staff, Revision in the curriculum, Training of faculties and students to adopt new technology for teaching-learning process, What to reform in monitoring and in the evaluation of the performance of the students, etc apart, the faculties have also confronted various hurdles as they got disconnected from physical classes, it was a long time there was no see, students struggle, they started counselling students about new policies and procedures due to unfavourable circumstances and started shaping themselves into new ERA so that they can focus and shape the future tomorrow.

As a consequence of the dynamic environment and as per the above two graphs of Times of India, it is absolutely clear that the Severity of Covid-19 has compelled the Education system to adopt the “Exigency of online teaching platforms” to widen the knowledge, skills, and good attributes among youth. ZOOM/WEBEX/GOOGLE MEET/MICROSOFT TEAMS and other tools have played and still playing a significant role in this pandemic situation, the flipped classroom technique has been proved to furnish teaching and training to students and people around the world to avoid the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) for that the educators have upskilled themselves and confronted the new era. Teachers started delivering classes by using the above e-platforms so that no one can be deprived of his academics, with remote learning, the online assignment and evaluation on google form, Go formative and other platforms have played a vital role in devising students for their future. No doubt, the new transition has bought new grounds for creativity and innovation in the teaching and learning process but on the other hand, it has also revealed the several drawbacks of our education system.

Source: In fact according to a report in India Today, 84% of teachers facing challenges during online classes: Survey – Education Today News (indiatoday. in)


The bottom line of this article is that the COVID-19 has disrupted the education system at a global level and there is a need for new strategies & policies that should be explored and devised which is the need of the hour.