Those Unmissable Trekking Sites in Munnar of Kerala

Munnar is that name that will be noted down by every tourist travelling to Kerala. Moreover, anyone could confirm that fact quite effortlessly with concern to the popularity the picturesque hill stations had encompassed. The reason for such prominence could be of the numerous engaging tourist destinations sighted in the naturally lush green region. Scenic lakes and the vast expansive charming tea plantations can be kept aside for a moment and let’s discuss the next big thing that is nothing else than its majestic hills. These natural rock formations of Munnar never fail to grab the attention of its travellers. Given below are the sought after trekking sites spread across the most popular hill station of Munnar in Kerala.


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With its whopping height of 8661 feet, Meesapullimala is one of the tallest peaks of Kerala, which is just a few numbers less than the tallest than Anamudi. So the trekking time taken to cover them would be a bit more than others in the list. However, the captivating sight that can be acquired from the hilltop will relieve all that exhaustion.  The larger clouds veiling an entire side of the hill could be the most striking sight for the tourists visiting Meesapulimala. Meanwhile on the other side, one will be able to behold at the charming sight of spice plantations grown on the nearby sloppy peaks.  Although they had only gained popularity quite recently, the number of thronging tourists to the location is one of the highest.

Chokramudi Peak

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The popular trekking point of Chokkramudi has always been a favourite point for all sorts of trekker, whether they are a beginner or a professional trekker. The path leading to its summit has got it grasslands, hilly terrains and steep large rocks. As the region where peak stands is a part of Eravikulam National Park, the travellers who are coming to climb up the majestic peak could watch and experience a diverse population of flora and inhabit in the area. On reaching the hilltops, the peak would provide the views of both sumptuous Shola forests and mountainous slopes. Also at far away distance, the tourists could catch a glimpse of the tallest Anamudi peak and even the Idukki Dam, if the sky is clearer.

Mathikettan Shola

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This side of Munnar does offer its visitors with that sumptuous rainforest cover. So the trekking activities undertaken in Mathikettan shola would indeed be refreshing and rejuvenating. Recognised as a National Park in 2003, both the rare plant and animal species are permitted to remain as such without any purposeful deterioration. Therefore, even while trekking in the regions of Mathikettan Shola, the trekkers are not going to feel any sort of tiredness. Furthermore, the forest department themselves is trying to promote trekking activities in the region, as by such a practice the present generation would get to know about the significance of nature and its boons at least by such a trek through the dense rain forest.

Lakshmi Hills

Situated within the limits of Munnar hill station, any traveller could reach the base point of Lakshmi Hills quite easily. The vast expanse of tea plantation is the forte of this lesser-known Lakshmi Hills. So any nature lover could search for a cheap and best tour packages to Kerala, and head to this adorable canvas of Munnar. Furthermore, travellers are not going to meet any steep regions of the hills, instead, they can have relaxed trek by enjoying nature to its fullest. Travellers could also behold at the natural grassland on some other portions of the hills, where they could relax and spend some time for photographing and the similar stuff. Along with tea, to the ending points of the trekking paths are some dense covers of cardamom and coffee plantations.

Kannan Devan Hills

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Yet another peak of Munnar for its spectacular cover of vast tea plantations, which are the most popular for its tea brand under the same name. Nevertheless, here more things are up to the visitors and not just the hills. They could be the serene lake along with the trekkers and some shola forests on the other. With an elevation of around 1700m, a major part of the hills also comprises of a large variety of wild animals and birds, some of them are even endangered. The lucky trekkers could spot Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar Deer, Elephants, Panthers, Malabar Giant Squirrels and many more.

Chithirapuram Peak

Chithirapuram is basically a picturesque small village sited at the outskirts of Munnar around 10 km away that has got numerous interesting things to do for the visiting tourists. Tourists of any travel preferences could venture to them and make their dreams come possible. There is an iconic viewpoint on one of the corners of the peak that offers a panoramic view of the entire hamlet at a bird eye’s view. During the early hours of the day and during the twilight, the misty fog will be seen covering major parts of the hills. However, when the sky is clear, the travellers trekking down the hills would be enticed with a stunning sunset. Furthermore, before setting out for the trek, the tourist could also gape at the old world charm of the British bungalow and several small cottages.  All these factors are consequential in making this particular trekking to the Chithirapuram most the splendid.

As mentioned earlier, the entire hill station is an unmissable travel destination to the tourists coming to Kerala. They may sightsee at any tourist spots of Munnar and indulge in exciting activities made available there. And when planned to go trekking, you may pick out any of the above-described hills. Dream Holiday based in Kochi arranges engaging trips to all the prominent tourist locations of the state such as Munnar, Alappuzha, Gavi, Wayanad, Athirapally, Thekkady and Kochi. Henceforth, you may book any of their diverse tour packages covering these locations by getting in touch with their travel consultants. Moreover, you could avail their services at incredibly lower rates by contacting them online in their chats or ringing them up. 

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