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Top 5 SEO Tips to Rank on the First Page of Google

Author: Asad Kausar

In this present era of IOT, getting your business inthe digital sphere has become more crucial than ever. This often isn’t enough though. You need to put in more effort to be at the forefront of your niche, which is where SEO comes into play. 

Search engines area major resource for individuals in search of a business, product or service.  This is why SEO experts are hired to apply modern SEO techniques that can skyrocket your business to new heights.

We must first understand that SEO techniques are often modified and improved every time a new algorithm is launched. It has thus become vital to kept abreast these changes. Here are some effective tips if you are looking for a simple yet effective SEO guide.

1. Publish High-Quality Content

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, Content is King!Readers look forcontent that adds value. To get the bestout of SEO, well-written content with the right information is essential.

To create content that adds value, avoid using inaccurate information, broken links, spelling or grammatical errors, or an over-the-top Google ad campaign that puts off visitors. Show the originality of your website by using citations, unique articles, links, reviews and testimonials.

Use a simple URL, optimize your titles, and create an engaging meta description. Aside fromcatchy content, build backlinks to create signals between other sites and your website. This will improve your site’s visibility and traffic.

2. Make Your Website Super-Fast

No matter how great your site looks,users will not stick around if it takes too long to load. This is bad not only for user experience, but will also adversely affect your page ranking.

When it comes to optimizing user experience, Google takes your website’s speed into account. To improve your website’s speed, always go for the best hosting plan. You can ensure faster delivery of on page content by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Minimize the number of HTTP requests and compress images to make them load quickly.You can use Google or Pingdom’sspeed check to gaininsight on your website’s load time.

3. Build a Mobile Friendly Website

Google favors mobile friendly websitesbecause more people are accessing the web through their phone or tablet. Use a separate responsive mobile design and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to permit cache content. Another major factor is clean codeacross the mobile site. Construct an easy to view and clear navigation menu that improves user experience on a mobile website.

4. Enhance User Experience

Offering a superb user experience means a website does an awesome job at catering to a visitor’s needs. In return, Google ranks it higher for search results. It is important to understand the basic UI/UX principle – your website should be engaging, valuable and easy to use.Without a good UI/UX experience, incoming traffic will taper over time and consequently, your ranking will tank.

5. On-Page SEO

Search engines create complexalgorithms to not only give people what they search for, but they also collect data to learn user behavior.However, these algorithms change and search engines reassess rankings based on the new set of rules.

A good place to start is to have a SEO-friendly URL that is short and contains your target keywords. Increase the time visitors spend on your website by using quality and lengthy content to keep them engaged.  Make use of Google Search Console and Webmaster tools to target keyword usage, density and traffic among other things.Focus on your titles, headlines, URLs and meta descriptions.

Bottom Line

As you can see, strong and effective SEO strategies increase traffic and a website’s ranking.However, not every SEO company out there can deliver results. It’s essential to vet the company you’re planning to work with because doing anything outside of Google’s guidelines may make your website end up in a sandbox, which is definitely where you DON’T want it to be.

Author Bio: With more than a decade of SEO experience in the finance, technology, real estate, legal, entertainment, health, and business industry, Asad’s search engine optimization techniques have brought thousands of websites to the first page of Google and other search engines. His diverse background in link building, on and off page SEO and website optimization allows him to consistently deliver for clients. With deep insight in global SEO trends and up to date information on the latest algorithms, Asad strives to provide SEO excellence every time.

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