Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Mechanic

The story was broadcasted on the radio and it is a true event of South Carolina. An owner of a luxury sports car visited his nearest local mechanical shop for regular services and he turned on the voice recorder of his car at the time of delivery. Upon picking up his car, the man listened to the voice recording and it was found out that few car mechanics took his car after servicing for a joy ride. Not only that, but few of them also discussed how to damage the clutch plate of his car and charge a double amount to the owner. When he submitted this recording to their customer service, they completely denied it. So, he shared the same on social media and radio.

As per recent reports some mechanics try to squeeze more money out of customers by pushing unnecessary repairs or cheating. To avoid getting ripped off at the auto repair shops consumers are warned to get well versed in how a car works.

#5 Tips to Choose the Best Mechanic:

If you do not want to be a part of such stories, then you need to choose a genuine mechanic for your car servicing. But, there are many mechanical shops available near you, and it is really difficult to choose the best one among them. In this regard, you can check the following to choose the best mechanic:

1. Certifications:

The certificate indicates the genuineness of a mechanic. After going through two years of hands-on training experience, a mechanic can apply for this certificate. Apart from that, you can find some mechanics who are certified by the automobile companies so that and they can work on some specific models. You must choose a mechanic who is certified. If you have any luxury car then you can go for some specialized technicians.

2. Reputation:

You cannot find genuine reviews on the mechanic’s website because they will not publish any negative reviews on their website. In this case, you can check their reputation on some third party review sites. You can check them on the Better Business Bureau and read their reviews. If you find them satisfactory then you can avail their services.

3. Affiliations:

Does the mechanical shop display approved certification? According to Auto Insurance, certification is mandatory for all mechanics. Mechanics certified can provide a written agreement and you can find all their terms and conditions in their agreement. Plus, they offer long term warranty on their spare parts and services. So you must check such affiliations of a mechanic before you choose.

4. Detection of the Problems:

Some mechanics cannot show and explain the problems of your car and after dropping off your car in their workshop, they will call you to inform you about several repairs needed for your car. They will increase the overall bill and charge you a huge amount. In this case, you must choose a mechanic who can inspect the car in front of you and explain the issues. You can ask anything to the mechanic and he is liable to answer your questions. If you do not feel comfortable with him or them you can switch to another one.

5. Insurance:

If you want to claim your insurance for repairing your car then you have two options. Either you can go for the reimbursement process where you need to pay the bill now and reimburse the amount from the insurance company later, or you can claim your insurance via mechanic to repair your car. Only authorized mechanics can help you to claim your insurance and you just need to provide your insurance papers in this regard. So, make sure, that you must choose a mechanic who is authorized by your insurance company.

Apart from that, you must check their experience level before you hire and you can search them online to check their details.

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