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Top 8 Fascinating Beach Proposal Ideas to Make Her Say YES

Are you ready to pop the question and ask your partner’s hand? Do you want to romantically blow the mind of your partner and everyone invited? Whether it’s a private sandbar to a radiant bay, having a tropical destination for your marriage proposal will promise a yes. A beach marriage proposal is the dreamiest setting imaginable. 

Any woman would love to experience a dreamy and worthwhile beach proposal. If you’re searching for some tips for proposing on the beach and ideas on how to make the moment that she will cherish forever, then this article is for you. 

Idea #1: Sand Castle Proposal 

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If you don’t have the talent to build a castle, then you can ask help from the resort to help you have a memorable proposal. You can ask them or your family to set up a sandcastle sculpture while you’re with your soon-to-be fiance. Ask your partner to have a walk on the beach time together and lead her/him to the sculpture and while they’re in wonder, it’s the perfect time to get down on one knee! But take note that if you’re going for this idea, make sure that you do it either early morning or late afternoon so it won’t be washed away by the tide or walked on by beachgoers. 

Idea #2: Buried Treasure 

Photo by Engaged on Maui 

This occasion must be really memorable, so why not send your partner on a treasure hunt, complete with a customized treasure map. You can buy a tiny treasure chest where you can bury the ring, and include a short message if you like. In this type of proposal, you will require some help from a trusted relative or friend to bury the treasure chest and watch over it until you both arrive. 

Idea #3: Sea Shells Proposal 

For a cheaper option, you can use pretty shells for the proposal. If you hired a photographer, ask him/her to hide the ring in a bigger shell and plan it in the sand. Once you see your photographer, it’s your signal that the shell is close by and that your photographer is ready to capture the event. Then point at the shell and ask your future fiance if they think that it looks good. Once they open the shell, grab it from them and get down on one knee.  

Idea #4: Airplane Banner 

Want a more extravagant proposal that requires great time and effort? You can do this one! Since you’re in a romantic getaway, your partner won’t even guess a thing since there are dozens of airplanes soaring over popular beaches all day long. Although this requires great planning of time and location and paying for the banner, you’ll definitely have her in awe! Be bold in getting creative with the banner. You can use her pet name and a photo of the two of you if it’s possible. To make it more special, you can have it while you’re in a beach bonfire or picnic with the rest of the family and friends around to share and witness the magical moment.  

Idea #5: Underwater Proposal 

Photo by Cape Point Route 

A more adventurous type of proposal is by doing it underwater. This is absolutely perfect if both of you are fans of scuba diving. You may arrange a scheduled dive and prepare your signage or banner that says “Will You Marry Me” down in the diving site. However, it’s not a good idea to bring the ring along on this one. 

Idea #6: Boat Ride 

Being out to the sea with your soon-to-be fiance is already romantic, this is why this is the ideal place to propose. You could hire or rent a private boat, possibly at sunset, then ask her the question. And if you even have a boat that you personally own, then the better! Bring her out for a spin, have some bottle of champagne that you can enjoy and pop the question when you feel that it’s the right time. 

Idea #7: Say “Yes” in the Middle of the Ocean 

Photo by Elite Daily

With the help of sailing or surfing, it’s the perfect excuse in asking them to marry you in the middle of the water! Just imagine that. Is there any element better than water which cures almost everything? This is a uniquely romantic and memorable way to pop the question, especially if this is a hobby that you do together! Of course, you’re not required to bring the ring if you’re afraid of dropping in the water, so just leave it on land. 

Idea #8: Beach Helicopter Proposal 

Photo by Punta Cana Helicopters 

Almost all beach resorts nowadays provide helicopter riders over the beach. This is the best time to ride one and propose to your partner! Who doesn’t want that, right? Set up a slot and make sure that arrange this ahead of time with the pilot at to where they should fly over. Inform them about your plan and write your big question in the sand. The message should be big enough so that you’ll be able to see it from above. Don’t forget to shout so she can hear you well! 

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