Top Reasons Why You Should Get Married at Barn Wedding Venues

Are you currently looking for wedding venues but not sure where to start? There are so many options that you can choose from royal castles, chic country houses, cosy countryside hotels, and it’s normal to feel a bit lost about choosing your venue. Country weddings are delighted for their vast ground and wonderful scenery. 

Maybe you’ve probably picked a barn wedding venue, and we understand why it won your heart. However, if you still haven’t found that ideal venue you want, you can certainly consider holding your nuptials in a beautiful barn. The barn wedding trend hasn’t changed much over the years. This venue style continues to change itself by providing flexible space to a couple who can create their own venue in whatever they want. 

If you are on the search for the ideal setting for your wedding both day and night, here are some reasons that will push you to get married at a barn wedding venue. 

Reason #1 Provide a Ton of Space 

If you want to pick your ceremony and reception at the same venue, a barn is a perfect place. You may have an outdoor ceremony and bring the celebration inside for dinner and dancing. 

Reason #2 More Privacy 

Having a wedding at a park, hotel ballroom, or a particular public place, you will most likely have some people spying at your wedding. Even though some couples enjoy having an audience and attention, there are some people who don’t like the idea of having unwanted people during their intimate moments. 

If you and your partner are worried about privacy and want your wedding to be as intimate as possible, a barn is an ideal place to do it. Contrary to having a wedding in a public place, having a wedding in a barn will surely surround you with acres of empty land. You won’t have to deal with wedding crashers or spectators when you have a barn wedding. 

Reason #3 Ideal for the DIY Bride 

Remember that not everyone is an expert when it comes to art and crafts, but those that are, a barn wedding is ideal for the DIY bride. Wedding flowers and decorations can make a big difference, so if you have the chance to create them yourself, it’s cost-effective too! Because of the rustic nature of the barn, it grants itself for DIY decorations. 

For instance, if you’re creative and passionate at putting together floral arrangements for your home, you may be able to bring in these talents to your barn wedding. You can be bold as you want with burlap to make cutlery holders, table runners, garlands, and chair décor. Few decorations can go a long way with a barn wedding, so you can be creative as you like. 

Reason #4 It Can Be Rustic, or Luxurious 

Most of us already know what to expect from a ballroom, hotel or country club wedding. Having a barn setting will let you decorate it no matter how you like (depending on the venue). You may add string lights and balloons for a more traditional feel. Or, you could draw out more of the rustic, countryside feel. Remember that your wedding venue should reflect your personality, and this is what a barn venue can do. 

Reason #5 Black Canvas 

This type of wedding venue offers a lovely, yet vintage setting, where you can make the styling as simple or as luxurious as you want. Wonderful as it is, there is a small need for added decoration to these types of location. But if you want to add a personal touch to your big day, you can always complete control over how you want to decorate the barns. 

Reason #6 Endless Photo Opportunities 

Barns are filled with picturesque landscapes from open fields to flowers to sunsets to the rustic background to the stars. Having a barn wedding will give you plenty of backdrops and settings that will ensure that your big day is one to remember. One great place we recommend is Wicklow, the county town in Ireland. This place is proud to have some of the most magnificent wedding venues in all of Ireland with its excessive manor homes and hotels. Wedding venues in Wicklow are also considered to be a getaway while it’s only an hour outside of Ireland’s capital, Dublin. 

Reason #7 Avoid Venue Hassles 

Barn weddings allow you to avoid the hassle of looking for two venues for your wedding ceremony and reception. You may tie the knot in the Barn and celebrate your reception at a lovely garden. Plus, you won’t have to share your day with anyone else on your most awaited day and get exclusive use of a lovely wedding venue. 

Reason #8 More Fun 

Of course, barn weddings are fun! There are plenty of couples who are looking to make an experience for their guests. We should all expect that guests can have a fun evening out of any wedding celebration. Also, there’s just something about a barn wedding that tells your guests they’re in for a great time. The barn venue provides opportunities that you may not find at a venue in the city, including yard games, fire pits, and animals wandering at the fields. 

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