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Types Of Jalebis You Will Crave To Eat More

The ever loved jalebi came to India via the Turks. Their zalabia preparation used round dough deep fried and then soaked in honey or rose scented sugar syrup. When they came to India, they brought along their food. India, true to its culture accepted their culture and owned their food. The country added its own texture and taste to almost all the dishes that these invaders brought along. While most of the Mughlai dishes remain unchanged, the jalebi did undergo some drastic, yet amazing, modifications.

Types of jalebi recipe found in India

One of the versatile desserts, the jalebi connects Asia, Middle East and East Africa. It’s weird thinking how three completely different countries and region can have such similar taste in food, I guess this strengthens the theory of same place origin. Talking about jalebis, the modern jalebi recipe is more crunchy and crispy as compared to its ancestor. But that is not the only modification the jalebi underwent throughout the ages. Here are a few different jalebi recipes that you must try:

  1. Imarti or jangiri is for people who want to avoid flour (maida) yet enjoy the sweet and concentric jalebis. Made from urad dal, the imarti or amriti is floral in shape and is said to have originated in Northern India. The lentil makes the jangiri more chewy and gooey as lentils absorb liquid better.

  2. Jaleba is bound to satisfy even the most crazed dessert lover. The heavier and larger version of jalebi is found mainly in Varanasi and Indore. Not only is this dessert heavy but its chewier and sweeter. If you’re craving gets really bad, have a jaleba.

  3. Paneer jalebi is Calcutta’s take on the traditional jalebi recipe. The healthy and completely vegan option of the dessert is bound to cater to every person out there. Made with cottage cheese, the batter is fried and soaked in the sugar syrup which is prepared with addition of cardamoms. This jalebi is bound to make you melt as the gooey dessert enters your mouth.

  4. Khoya jalebi is a specialty of Jabalpur. Made with the mawa/khoya which is thickened with condensed milk and flour is added to bind the whole batter, this heavy jalebi is bound to mesmerize you especially if you have it with cream or rabdi.

These classic and regional delicacies sound exotic but making them is a breeze. While these jalebis can be enjoyed on their own there is something about dipping it in a bowl of rabdi and biting it. And if you want to try making it on your own then looking up for the easy jalebi recipe will ensure you have an unlimited supply whenever you want.

Author bio: The author is a passionate travel blogger. She loves to try the cuisine of every place she visits to learn more about the place. She feels that the incorporation of local art into food, as in case of the jalebi recipe, speaks volumes about the place’s history.

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