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Unique Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men

Deciding a unique gift for men is very difficult as there are very less range of unique products that can be gifted to men. Wallets, belts, sunglass are very common types of gifts which men receive from other people. A unique gift from your side will surely impress and amaze that guy whom you are going to give the gift. Below we have made a list of unique gift ideas for men.

List of Unique gift for Men

Photo collage

The majority of men love meeting their old friends and fellows and spend time with them. Focusing on this you can gift a photo collage displaying his old memories with friends. These photos can include many events of his life like school memories, trips, farewell party and birthday also. This will surely enable every man to move into his old days.

For preparing this you just need to collect his old pics and have to frame them together. You can also give this work to the photo studio. They will frame those Photos together with High-quality photo Frame.

Body massager

If you are planning to give a gift to an office worker men then Body massager will be the best and unique gift for that guy. Men often get very tired after doing work in the office. Meanwhile, your gifted body massager will help them to get out this tiredness.

However, there are lots of brands available in the market in body massager range. A good quality and low range body massager starts from INR 500 and increases so on according to the brand.

Get together party

As mentioned men love to spend time with their friends. So, you can arrange a get-together party with his friends. By the way, this gift can be expensive but you can do a party at home also. It will be a good refreshment to him besides his hectic schedule.

By the way, a trip can also be a good choice. You can also plan a trip to a hill station with all his friends. This will also create rememberable memory with his friends also.


You can also gift an expensive perfume to any Guy. Surely he will be happy after receiving a good perfume from you. However, there are lots of brands to choose perfume like Denver, Fogg, edge, signature, etc. You just need to choose a perfume which smells good and lasts longer.

Fitness products

Most of the guys nowadays fitness freaks so you can give fitness related products also. You can give anything from workout t-shirt, shakers, whey protein, etc. There is a huge range of fitness products and are not much expensive.

Your products will help them a lot during there workout schedule. If you don’t want to do much efforts or have very less time, you can gift a simple workout t-shirts or sports shoes also. You can find these stuff from nearby sports equipment Shop.


Smartwatches are very popular among men. Smartwatches helps to reduce the work in very much. Why caring a mobile in the pocket or hand when everything is on your wrist. Huge range of brands in smartwatch is available in the market. However, these smartwatches can be a little expensive depending on their brand.

Usually analog watches are gifted to men but gifting a smartwatch is a unique and cool trend. However, a low price smartwatch starts from INR 1000 and then price goes on increasing.

Green plant

Green plant is a very unique idea for gifting. You can gift a green plant to everyone. By the way, succulent plants and Bonzai plants are very good to gift as these are of small size and can be kept in room also.

It is said that Plants affect the environment of the house very much. When you will keep a plant in your room you will definitely feel the positive vibes spread by the plant. It will keep your mind peace and calm. You can find succulent and Bonzai plants in nurseries at a low price of just INR 100 but Bonzai plants may be costly. They would start from INR 2000.

Anti-theft bag

Bags are daily use thing but anti-theft bag is a very rare bag pack for every men. You can gift this bag to any guy. No matters if he is a college guy or office worker. It is suitable for every man.

These bags are not much expensive. If you want to buy this backpack to gift someone, you don’t need to high budget. These backpacks only cost INR 650. However, their prices go up depending on the design and brand.

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