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Usage of Industrial Centrifugal Fans in Food Industry

Factories extensively use industrial centrifugal fans in their manufacturing operations, the food industry is no exception to that. The fans’ uncomplicated design, coupled with their excellent aerodynamic features, making them ideal to be used in the food sector.

The most striking feature of centrifugal fans that makes them a perfect choice is that, without necessitating too much vibration, they make sure that the quantity of air generated is fairly high. From a hygiene point of view, especially in preventing contamination of food, industrial centrifugal fans are a good choice.

These are few of the benefits attributable to the centrifugal fans:

• These fans enable enhanced energy efficiency. When the cost incurred towards energy consumption declines, the manufacturer would be able to sell the products with a comparatively lower price tag.
• These fans are highly durable
• The industrial centrifugal fans are suitable to be installed even amidst harsh environments.
• Maintenance of this variety of fans is less and also relatively inexpensive. There are some industrial centrifugal fans having the ability to clean themselves.
• The fans come in varied sizes and capacities and thus can easily be deployed in a variety of manufacturing operations. For a variety of customized requirements in a manufacturing plant, a suitable centrifugal fan can be manufactured and installed.

Those are the general beneficial characteristics of centrifugal fans. It would now be worthwhile to focus on the positives, which are specific to the food industry. To be more precise, we will see as to how the individual processes of the food sector stand to gain from these devices.

• Safety: In food processing units where there is constant handling of flammable substances, the significance of centrifugal fans can never be overstated. The design and working of the fans ensure that the hazard of an explosion gets substantially minimized.
• Drying: Another pivotal process that is helped by the presence of centrifugal fans is drying. The fans aid in bringing down the quantity of water in foods and this, in turn, checks bacterial proliferation. The use of these devices becomes much more essential in factories where there is a continuous movement of meats, fruits and vegetables. Coffee, cereal foods, powdered drinks and potatoes, etc, are items where drying is very much necessary.
• Cooking: In food processing plants, the fans are fixed at sites where cooking is done. They are installed just above the furnaces and ovens and this is a definite way to remove gas and other noxious substances from the premises. With this, the health and well-being of the workers are safeguarded.
• Cooling: Industrial centrifugal fans are vital to promptly cool the foods that have been just cooked. In addition, such fans also maintain coolness in storage facilities. And, this cooling function is well taken care of by the ever-dependable centrifugal fans.
• Packaging: Appropriate packaging of finished food products is paramount. Vacuuming food packages increases the shelf life of food products. While packing the food product, it is important that at first a vacuum is created in the packages. While packing in large manufacturing units, industrial centrifugal fans are used in specialized packing equipment.
• Separation of foods: When the impurities and contaminants and the food have different densities and weights. Then centrifugal fans can be used to segregate the food from its impurities by the process of controlled blowing of air using centrifugal fans. Modern food processing equipment allows automating this process to facilitate the processing and removing of impurities from massive amounts of food.

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