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5 Useful Things to Know Before Buying a Flat

Useful things to know before buying a flat

Days of searching through online portals… rummaging through various documents & files and spending your hard-earned savings – all of this for your dream home!

You dream home is your far-fetched dream that comes to life with your hard work. But in the excitement of buying your new home, do not jump over the vital steps of checking the things before buying a flat.

While you are taking care of all the things, it is also important to take care of the things to know before buying a flat. Thorough knowledge of all the little things to know about the apartment will go a long way in deciding which home is best for you and save you from the disappointments later.

It is also essential to know about the little things and additional things about the house to find a home that’s perfect for you and your family. Moreover, if you have a checklist of things to check before buying a flat, it makes the process of buying a home a whole lot easier.

And this exactly what this blog will offer you – A list of all the things that I made before buying a flat in Jaipur.


What to check before buying an apartment?

The process of searching a home, finalizing a home and finally shifting is long, but all of it seems worth it when you live in your dream home. But, the opposite happens when happiness is dampened by the issues and problems caused due to little things. Here is what you should know before buying a home,


1. Property rates:

The price of the property is one of the most important factors while buying a home. Thus before setting out for house hunting, make sure you have a set budget and stick to that budget before buying any property.

You can also compare the prices of the neighbouring properties and the apartments in the same locality. This will give you a better idea of the properties and help in choosing a better home in your budget.

You can also compare the prices of various properties and budgets through online portals to get a wide variety of properties and price range.

2. Possession date:

The possession date of a property is another factor that governs your decisions of buying a property. If you are opting for an under constructions property, then the time of possession is a matter of utmost concern.

No one likes to opt for a property which will be allotted after 56 years as it’s too late. In-fact, opt for a property for a possession of maximum three years of time or property that gives a feasible tentative date of possession.

Take into account the previous projects of the builders and go for the one who gives on-time deliveries.

3. Location and prospects:

location of your apartment also affects your lifestyle to an extent. Opt for a location that is good, well developed and well inhabited. Also, take a look at the upcoming residential projects that are being built or will be built in the areas in the vicinity of the building that you choose.

Moreover, take a look at the connectivity of the locality. Check whether it is well-connected to the main areas of the city and whether the commute is well planned. Check the cab services and other home delivery services before shifting.

4. Agreement papers:

After paying the booking amount and prior to the complete payment of the property, the buyer enters in a tripartite agreement. This agreement is usually known as the builder buyer agreement.

Please read the documents carefully before buying as it has numerous clauses that can affect the buyer and the seller equally. Moreover, the developer sometimes tends to increase the rates at the time of possession.

5. Additional costs: 

Apart from the BSP (basic selling price), there are so many additional costs that come with buying a flat. There are charges like PLC (preferred location charges), registration and stamp duty.

Amidst the things to take in account before buying a fat, make sure you know about all these charges and save accordingly when going out for house hunting.


To summarize,

To find a home that gives you the bliss of living, knowing about the things to check before purchasing a home is vital. Make sure you know all the little expenses and all the additional costs that come with it.

Just like I made a checklist before buying my 2 BHK apartment in Jaipur, you can go through all the above mentioned points and make a checklist for yourself as well!

Good luck!

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