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Weirdest Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas is the most glorious time of the year. People send Christmas gifts to special ones. Every year, for a few weeks, the entire world turns on vacation mode with people filled with joy, abundance, and making merry, and even chilly winter season feels warm and comforting.

Whether you are commemorating a secular occasion or a religious festival, like Christmas or Hanukkah, you will have your own set of customs, rituals, or typical way of celebration that makes the festive season more special. Whether it be buying Christmas gifts for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, family, and friends, or just spending time with loved ones, however, our beloved Christmas traditions around the globe are proud, loud and ensure loads of festive fun activities during the holiday season.

With that said, there are some weird and wacky Christmas traditions around the world that place till today. So let us have a look at some of them.

Krampus – Austria: When you visit Austria during the holiday season, you would feel that people here are celebrating Halloween, and you have landed in the wrong place. Don’t panic; it isn’t Halloween, but people here dress up like Krampus, St. Nicholas’ evil accomplice. A beast-like demon entity that wanders the city streets punishing kids. In Austria, as tradition goes, St. Nicholas rewards good little children, while Krampus captures the bad ones and takes them away in his sack. Young men take on the attire of Krampus in the initial week of December and frighten children with clacking bells and chains.

The giant goat – Sweden: On the first Advent Sunday of each year, in the town of Gävle, Sweden, an enormous straw goat is built on the town’s main square, by the people. The goat stands for a while with pride, and then arsonists set it on fire. Since 1966, when it was first set up, the Christmas goat burns to the ground almost every year. It is now trendy across the country, with the news being closely followed by Swedish people to see whether it can make it through, in one piece, till Christmas. All sorts of tricks have been tried by the authorities to discourage people from incinerating the goat, from infusing the straw with a fire diminishing material to installing CCTV cameras.

KFC Christmas – Japan: Marketing gimmicks have molded the way we commemorate Christmas celebrations, whether you like it or not. For instance, The typical appearance of Santa Claus being a chubby older man is way better than the 1930s Coca-Cola advertisement. And advertising, across the world, goes on to change the way people celebrate Christmas. In a country like Japan with a handful of Christians and no historical traditions of Christmas celebrations, marketing experts have persuaded people that consuming KFC during the Christmas season is an excellent way to dive into the festive season. It all started in the 1970s when tourists from around the world visited Japan during Christmas and began eating KFC as a substitute for the classic Christmas turkey. With a little help from advertisements, the same fashion soon became popular among locals. In the present time, as per reports, the revenue generated at the Colonel’s restaurants is five times more during Christmas than the usual time of the year. Surprisingly, the order for Christmas KFC chicken has to be done months in advance as numerous customers order for it.

The pooping people – Spain: When you think of Christmas, you envision Xmas gifts under the Christmas tree placed near the beautiful nativity scenes. But in the town of Catalunya, Spain, the classic nativity scenes come with an unusual twist, which you might not be able to digest apart from a Christmas plum-cake. Every year during the weeks leading you to Christmas, nativity scenes are stimulated by the presence of “El Caganer” or “The Crapper.” These statues, with the classic depiction of a Catalan peasant dumping a large Yule log on the ground, is associated with the local Christmas celebrations for ages. In the recent past, numerous celebrity caganers have left behind their impressions on the otherwise religious scenes; Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, and also the Queen of England are immortalized having their pants down. There is no record of where did this odd tradition come from? But it is thought that it may have to do something with “fertilizing” the nativity scene.

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