What Causes Itchy Scalp and No Dandruff?

The number one cause of hair loss is the loss of the oil produced by the scalp. Oil is a natural protective barrier against free radicals and other environmental factors that may be harmful to the body, thus its loss is a cause for concern for the person with hair loss. While all of us lose hair, those who lose it more often usually lose their own oil too.

Let’s start with sweat stains on the sheets. These are generally made of different irritants that get deposited into the scalp because of excessive moisture on the skin, particularly where the scalp is located.

If your skin feels parched and itchy, you should immediately see a dermatologist for some relief. Dry scalp is not something you want, especially since it can be caused by natural or social causes. Also, excessive levels of dandruff can lead to excessive hair loss. Check out How to Take Care of Long Hair Men here.

There are people who suffer from scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, which can cause itching. Those who suffer from dandruff will not have an answer for what it is and there are solutions to it. There are options for every type of dandruff, including complete hair loss.

There are products on the market that are supposed to help with dandruff, but do not really address the cause of the problem. One type of treatment that was effective for treating dandruff was aloe vera gel. It has a natural substance called “verapamil,” which works as a disinfectant to heal the scalp.

Since it contains vitamins, it also has the effect of smoothing out the scalp and easing the symptoms of hair loss. Another product is Vitaflor, which also kills bacteria.

For those who have already lost their hair, or have started experiencing hair loss, having a product for hair loss might be a good idea. Of course, natural means are better than synthetic, because they may be more effective and healthier. Read more about how to curl your hair all night tips here.

If you have any form of hair loss, no matter what the cause, losing hair does not mean that you are sick. Natural means of treatment can offer you relief and there are options out there for everybody. Although everyone loses hair from time to time, do not let it become a reason for you to avoid getting treatment.