What is Practo Clone App and how does it work?

Patients, Specialists, Clinics/Hospitals, and Home Health Care Providers all benefit from Practo Clone Github Software.This platform enables physicians, patients, clinics, and hospitals to connect and collaborate. It is the well-known and trusted location where patients can expect to receive a healing touch, obtain proper authority, obtain medications, secure their financial records, and so on.

Our list of features includes

Uber for Doctors Script by Practo

A list of doctors and their availability

10000+ confirmed doctors are available to you

Users should approach confirmed Doctors profiles with genuine star ratings with confidence. Get online consultations using Ask free questions and Paid chat experts, as well as a listing of available doctors with name, specialty, and ranking.

Advanced Lookup

Doctors/Hospitals are scanned. Products with specialised search options by specialisation. Users would have a stronger experience with the structured search module.

Dashboard for Patients

Patients can access their latest bookings as well as past appointments. Patients will be able to write reviews for all completed appointments and will have access to all pending and completed appointment history. The patient dashboard houses all of the patient’s favourite articles and physicians, as well as all service requests, online appointments, and other information.

Dashboard for Doctors and Hospitals

Using the Savvy dashboard, you can conveniently monitor your arrangements, manage your hospitals/doctors/patients/home healthcare, and manage your payments and appointments.

Nurses and Attendants for Home Care:

 Manage upcoming/completed Service Requests, Timings, and more with ease. Admin can handle home health-care service orders, fees, and refunds through chatting with patients.

Organization of the admin platform

 Admin has control over the site’s examinations and results, as well as the site’s financial experiences. Both Appointments/Users, as well as the CMS sites, are handled by the administrator.

Apps for Patients and Physicians ( Android & IOS)

 The sensitive section provides consumers with the best survey experience possible, including Optimum Viewing, a delicate look and feel, and compatibility with all mobile screen sizes.

The following are some of the most significant features of the Practo Clone App:

There are various options available and more

 ⇒Doctors/Hospitals/Fitness Centers/Clinics/Fitness Centers/Clinics/Fitness Centers/Fi Support by specialisation, with advanced search options

⇒The map will assist you in locating the location of a clinic, hospital, doctor, or fitness centre.

⇒Engage patients via online appointments and appointment scheduling (upcoming/completed) ( Reschedule, cancel)

⇒Find a fitness centre listing that allows you to call right now.

⇒Solution that is easy to use, effective, and durable.

⇒Solution that is easy to use, effective, and durable.

⇒Fast navigation and a mobile sensitive feature offer the best viewing experience.

⇒Two languages are sponsored by the healthcare solution: English and Arabic.

⇒Access completed appointments and track your schedule for upcoming appointments using an interactive dashboard.

⇒Manage all patient reviews and scores.

⇒Write and post health posts, and share your insights and health advice with others.

⇒Increase the size of your medical practise by publishing limitless job openings.

⇒With ease, handle and view various clinic/hospital branches, as well as doctor appointments.

⇒Structures for patient organisation that are simple and advanced

⇒Using patient Medical History Information to save all of your medical records.

⇒Patients help you to write and share health posts and tips.

⇒Manage home healthcare service orders, fees, and refunds.

⇒For analytics and reports, a powerful and user-friendly admin panel is available.

The Approximate Cost of Building a Practo-like Doctor Appointment App

As previously mentioned, the cost of creating an app like Practo clone will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the developer’s constraints. The cost of creating an app is determined by the device, either Android or iOS. The iOS platform is more costly than the Android platform.Furthermore, the location or geography of the company that develops the app is significant.

Companies in the following cities:

  • About $150 to $250 per hour in the United States or Canada.
  • Western Europeans, Australia, and the United Kingdom cost between $50 and $200 per hour.
  • East Europe is between $120 and $180 per hour.
  • In India, an hourly rate ranges from $40 to $80.

If we consider an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) growth, the cost of creating a doctor booking app like Practo is about $20,000. Furthermore, when advanced features are included, the value will grow to $70,000 on average.

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