What Is The Correct Way Of Using Perfumes?

Although we use perfume or body sprays on a regular basis, yet only a few know the correct way of applying. Mere spraying the perfume or body spray on your body is not going to make it last longer. You need to understand the basics of fragrance, the science behind the notes for it to work better. It might seem a lot to take in, but this is one thing that will help you in smelling great for hours.

According to perfume experts, fragrance products work in a unique way for everyone. While some can enjoy a lasting aroma with mere one spray, others need to spray a lot. If you are also finding it hard to make your fragrance last for a long time, these tips will help you,

How To Make Perfume Or Deodorant Last Longer?

Without proper use, even superior quality perfumes can evaporate faster. Make your perfume last longer by following these simple tips.

  • Get higher essence concentration. Perfumes with 15% or more essence concentration can last up to 24 hours. While buying perfumes online, you must look for the concentration or ask about it. Eau de parfum and perfume oil or attars are the best options for this.
  • Moisturize your skin before applying scent. A well-moisturized skin is the game changer when it comes to perfumes. Your skin will be able to hold scent, giving an adhesive to the molecules. But you should avoid perfumed body lotions or oils as they can alter the aroma.
  • Apply some on hair for making it last longer. Along with your skin, try to spray the perfume on your hair as well. Unlike skin, hair does not perspire, holding the aroma in for lasting freshness. If you sweat a lot, this trick will help you.

Buy Scents According To Your Skin:

While purchasing perfumes and deodorants, we only think about the fragrance and cost. The most crucial factor playing an essential role in making your perfume last longer is the skin. Depending on your pheromones and type of skin, a perfume can react in a unique way. If you have oily skin, every perfume will smell good on you. But, for dry skin, you need a specific type of scents.

The best way is to understand the kind of skin you have and try perfumes on the skin before buying. For people with normal or combination skin, try to get Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette. If you have dry skin, try to shop for Eau de parfum and parfum oil or attar. Your skin lacks moisture, so you need a perfume type that has higher essence or oil as a base. If you already have scents, make them work for dry skin by moisturizing them. You can use body oils or moisturizers for this.

Perfume Or Deodorant, Which One Is Better?

Perfumes and deodorant sprays, both can give you fragrance, but which one is better? One is available at a higher price while the other is quite affordable. Perfumes are fine scented products with higher essence concentration. Depending on the type of perfume it is, the essence concentration can vary between 5-20%. Eau de colognes have the least while perfume oils and Eau de parfum have the highest. The higher essence better the fragrance lasting.

Contrary to this, deodorants have only 2-5% perfume essence. This is the reason deodorants are not able to last long. Moreover, deodorants have certain chemicals that reduce sweating. It also kills bacteria on your skin which causes sweat to smell. Deodorants are a boon for people who sweat a lot or smell.

Henceforth, according to your need, you can decide which one is the better choice for you. Perfumes are for someone who likes to smell good and stay fresh, while deodorants suit those who sweat a lot. You can also buy deodorants and perfumes of the same scent. Layer them to enjoy the benefits of both.

Which Perfume Is Best For Lasting Fragrance?

Luxury premium quality perfumes with 15% or more essence are known to be the best ones. They are highly aromatic giving you a noticeable scent in one or two sprays. For making your perfume smell better, try to wear them according to the season and time of the day. This trick brings out the true aroma of every perfume. And you thought wearing perfume was enough to smell good. Buy the right perfume, prep your skin before spraying, and wear the correct perfume for the season. Do all this, and your friends will come to you for perfume tips.

If you are looking for a good aromatic experience, Top Indian Perfume brands like Perfumer’s Club are best for you. These perfumes have high essence concentration giving you a lasting aroma. The brand has tried to offer a wide range of fragrances for everyone’s perfume needs. You can get them for everyday use as well as for special occasions. Apart from personal use, these luxury scents are also ideal for gifting too.