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What is the Main Cause of Insomnia?

Introduction to Insomnia

As there are many different types of mental disorders , insomnia is one of the most common disorder in human beings. Insomnia is basically a condition in which you are unable to sleep or you face difficulty while sleeping. Sometimes you nap for a longer time during the day or irregular sleeping schedule can lead you to have sleepless nights but it is definitely not an insomnia problem. If your sleeping habits are normal and then you face sleeping issue , it means you probably have an insomnia issue. According to the research, three sleepless nights per week is a validation for insomnia as well. There are mainly 2 types of insomnia ; acute and chronic. Acute insomnia is not considered dangerous while chronic insomnia is dangerous as it links to other health problems also. Some of the symptoms of insomnia are waking up at night , difficulty in falling asleep, waking up early, focus problems and much more.

What is the main cause of insomnia?

The main cause of insomnia is depression or anxiety. Depression itself is a huge and serious medical illness. Thousands of people die everyday because of suicide as those individuals were experiencing depression. It comes in the category of chronic insomnia and this needs to be treated immediately. Other causes include pain , intake of caffeine, light , temperature and stress. Stress can be of different types like office work pressure, jobless situations , divorce , death and significantly more. But these are considered as acute insomnia which is not dangerous. Acute insomnia lasts 1-2 days in a week.

How to prevent insomnia ?

In case of acute insomnia , you don’t need to do extra efforts. Just maintain good sleeping habits. You can do the following things :

  • Avoid longer naps so that you can easily fall asleep at night.
  • Follow the same routine. For example if your alarm is set for 9am then try to wake up at 9am daily regardless of whether it is a working day or a weekend.
  • Avoid caffeine as much as possible
  • Exercise daily as it helps body to relax
  • Maintain a comfortable environment in the bedroom like dim lights.
  • If you are taking medicines then make sure insomnia is not a side effect of it.


Try to have a balanced life in order to keep a distance from diseases and disorders. If your mental health is good , then half of your problems will be finished. Massages are very common and effective to make your body relax. Infact cbd oils are utilized in almost every type of massage as it reduces depression and stress. Additionally it has numerous advantages like muscle building. You can search on the web for CBD oil for sleep as there are many companies and providers in the UK. Cbd oils are also useful for treating acute insomnia. In some rare cases of chronic insomnia , cbd oils became fruitful in terms of treating as well.

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