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What is This Concept of Emotion Recognition Services?

More and more companies and brands are investing in the trends of Emotion recognition tools. You can find a good number of benefits once you come across the usages of such tools and solutions. It is true that emotion is one of the most different human qualities, one that sets people apart from machines. 

However, it is also true that this is not out of the realm of possibilities for machines to read the emotions and respond consequently. Progressively, machines are in a position to interpret human’s emotional states and adapt their behaviour to give suitable responses , a thing that is called as emotional AI, or artificial emotional intelligence (though in the computing field, it gets called affective computing). There are exclusive Emotion recognition companies in India that help businesses to make the most of this concept.

AN Evolution 

Emotional AI is the next powerful step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. By interpreting the emotions of the people, AI can respond in a much more naturalistic way, making the interaction a lot closer to characteristic human intercourse.   You know there are three chief types of emotional AI – natural language text analysis, voice analysis and even that of facial expression analysis. The foremost two are already somewhat common, while the third perhaps fascinates the most media attention. Other sorts of analysis even include mouse movement, heart rate, eye-gaze and electrocardiography and so on.

Natural language text analysis

This encompasses AI scanning written text such as a review of a product or service, online articles or even tweets, and then choosing the sentiment of whether it is positive, negative or that of neutral.

Voice analysis 

This examines a user’s speech signals like their vocal pitch, intonation and tone and even that of the words they use to decide their sentiment. For example, somebody having a dry sense of humour might say the opposite of what they might mean for comic effect, but using voice analysis you might pick up on the true meaning of what they are saying. It is especially useful in call centres – notice an angry tone of voice from a caller, and you might transfer them to a human operator rather than that of risk frustrating them further by making them tackle with an automated system.

Facial expression analysis 

It is maybe the most interesting one. Making use of video camera to read someone’s facial expressions, AI might analyse their emotions, and from that you can easily conclude their state of mind, their intentions, if they are lying or staying genuine, and so on. Some start-ups already make use of this in their job interviews to determine whether the interviewee is nervous, confident, or that of sincere about his answer so on. It even possesses enormous potential for financial services companies, like that of banks or fintech firms, when they are if they should approve a loan for someone.

Conclusion So, if you think that emotional recognition can be of any help for your business, talk to the best emotion recognition companies and figure out what might be most appropriate for your business.

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