What Plants Work Best For Your Miniature Garden

Gardening is a very good pastime. If you are already into gardening its miniature version may far surpass your pleasure compared to regular gardening.. It is diverse, easily accessible and incredibly creative pastime. Though, the basic skills of gardening and landscaping may be similar, the tools used are really small. And you have to find ways to grow small and slow.

What is more amazing, you have the opportunity to create a dream come true within a container. It is very different than a full-size garden. You can build small hills, a sea beach, riverbeds or anything that comes to your mind. It is much similar like playing with a doll’s house. The differences being you can place it outside or inside as you like and user real plants.

To Begin With
Many pro gardeners as well amateurs like the idea of a mini garden and tried to stuff in a container whatever plants and décor they find. You cannot call it a miniature garden just placing a small house, selecting random trees and throwing some gravel in a container. That does not work. Wrong plants and trees can ruin your dream to form a small wonderland. If your creation is a mess, it will be a complete waste of your money, energy, and time.

You have to research a bit, test and find out what works well for your small garden. Plants are the main part of a miniature garden. You will create a dreamland centering round those plants. When you have the intention to use live plants in your garden, choices will differ depending where you want to place the garden. If it is an indoor garden, plants will be different than those if the miniature garden is placed outdoor.

Top Indoor Plants For Miniature Garden

Parlor palm
English Boxwood
Norfolk Pine
Ellwood’s Blue Cypress
False Cypress
These plants resemble full-sized tree. You can also use indoor bonsai trees in the pot.

For Bedding You Can Select

Zebra Howarthia
Sugar Vine
Corsican Mint
Dwarf Mondo Grass
Baby tears
Do match the growing requirement of bedding plants with that of your trees. Most of these plants do well with indirect light and regular watering.

Top Outdoor Trees and Shrubs for Outdoor Miniature Garden

Dwarf Mugo Pine
Miniature Juniper
Jean’s Dilly Dwarf Spruce
Just Dandy Dwarf Hinoki Cypress
Sky Pencil Japanese Holy
Always remember that the trees you will select must have small leaves and these trees must grow very slowly for them to work out for an outdoor miniature garden.

Some of the Top Plants for Outdoor Mini Garden Bedding

Small Hens and Chicks
Platt’s Black Brass Buttons
Irish Moss
Miniature daisies

These are only recommendations. You may actually have to experiment with different plant varieties which one works best for your garden. Selection of your plants depends on its placement. Then you should correctly assess the amount of light required and how much water your plants need.

Once these are decided, it is time to decide the container. Some miniature garden can survive happily in a pot for almost 10 years. So, select a nice container. Decorate it with taller plants towards the middle and shorter varieties for the edges. You may add a tree to your garden to give it a real feel.

You can choose the various options according to your taste and once the miniature garden is complete you can enjoy the experience. Not only that the time you spend with your miniature garden will relax your mind.

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