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What to Eat in Your Myanmar Tour Packages?

myanmar tour packages
Myanmar Tour Packages
  1. Mohinga

Vacation on Myanmar tour packages is incomplete without trying this delicious Burmese delicacy. It is a bowl of rice noodles with a base of fish soup and topped with a crunchy fried sauce. An essential breakfast for locals, this dish complements your morning appetite.

  1. Burmese Biryani (Dan Bauk)

Taste rich Indian flavors while enjoying Burmese Biryani in Myanmar. With a hint of the typical touch of turmeric, saffron, and coconut milk, the Burmese made their own version of biryani by adding ambrosia, vegetables, and meat. This dish will remind you of the taste of your biryani with a Burmese touch.

  1. Burmese Fish Curry

Unlike authentic Thai and Indian curries, Burmese curries may taste nice but they still taste delicious. Curry is a delicacy for locals and travelers too, which is served with side dishes like boiled vegetables and dipping making it a perfect meal.

  1. Khao Suey Thote

Impress your soul with the delicious taste of chicken noodle soup known as Khao Suey in Myanmar. This Burmese food consists of hot coconut milk broth and boneless chicken making an unusual mix but it tastes great.

  1. Sticky Rice with Shredded Coconut

Enjoy an unusual blend of coconut and sticky rice while in Myanmar. This Burmese dish offers a touch of basic coconut curry flavor, with a touch of lemon and fried corn flavor with a sticky rice sprinkle. Garlic on the side makes this dish delicious.

  1. Grilled Fish

On the streets of Chinatown, the smoky flavor and spices of grilled fish will make you crave even in your dreams. With a little lemon, salt and pepper seasoning will soothe your passion for seafood.

  1. Mala Hin

For vegetarians, this dish will give you a taste of authentic Burmese cuisine with a mixture of spices. A dish that offers the perfect blend of delicious gravy filled with vegetables and spicy flavor will be a delicious meal for you.

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