What to Expect for Honeymooners Trekking in Pakshipathalam in Kerala?

Honeymoons are the best times of married couples, as they are getting to each other, of their strong points and the weakness. That could be best analysed by indulging in any adventurous activities or even by doing little things to make each other special. Moreover, the couples of the modern era are more on doing daring things even in their very first trip together. One such interesting activity is that of trekking. So when picking up the travel destination, due care must be taken, like whether they assure a relaxing climate and offer scenic sights, as, after all, they are celebrating the first moments of together in that place. Furthermore, at the Eastern side of the bountiful Wayanad district in Kerala, is situated Pakshipathalam, which is an abode of birds and above that they are one of the most beautiful trekking spots of the state. Here, we are going to discuss the bonuses the honeymooners could acquire by visiting them. Couples who had chosen Pakshipathalam in Kerala as the honeymoon destination could expect the following in the trip.

Astounding Avian population

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Pakshipathalam is that Edible Nest for Swift in Wayanad of Kerala. Even in the nomenclature of the place, that very concept is evident. Before these parts of the Brahmagiri hills had gained prominence as a challenging trekking spot, they were better known for being a ‘Paradise of Bird.’ The hills are home to innumerable species of flying friends. So the honeymooners heading to Pakshipathalam could indulge a great deal in bird watching. The avian life inhabiting or migrating to the place constitute of woodpeckers, peacocks. Apart from that, the deep jungles one could spot jungle cats, bison, elephants, civets and many more.

Endless grasslands for your Photo-Shoots

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A crucial part of the trekking trails of Pakshipathalam is covered in these charming grasslands. They are more of a valley kind of a place that can be used for photographing by the couples. The slope of a hill covered with those knee-height grasses makes that perfect set for their epic honeymoon picture together. Moreover, the cool breeze puffing above this vast expanse of grasslands offers an awesome mood to the newly married and they would again be pleased about their decision of showing up to Pakshipathalam in their honeymoon trip.

Fun time at those small streams

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Challenges and adventures apart, the couple would also get to have some fun time playing in those rivulets with their significant other. The crystal clear waters of River Kabani flow through several parts of these rolling hills very peacefully and elegantly.  And once on hitting all those slippery rocks, they alter their paths and gush through yet another wild path. Couples could take occasional breaks from their trekking and sit and relax at the lap of nature.

Steep hills that challenge your endurance

Everything will not be rosy all the time. The trekking trails of Pakshipathalam can be considered as a miniature version or a basic layout of how a life can be. At some points, if there are those small streams, cheerful grasslands and stunning viewpoint, then at some instances there could be those narrow crevices that may hamper your journey. So to experience all of these, you may book your honeymoon packages to Kerala, which you will be cherished forever in your love lives together.

Spectacular viewpoint in between your treks

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This could be one of the most exciting things to be watched out for while trekking in Pakkshipathalam. When reaching definite open spaces, the couple would be able to behold at the spectacular views of those lush greenery and the distant hills surrounding those valleys very breathtakingly. With those beautiful views, newlyweds are going to get relieved from the tensions and stresses of everyday lives and could make an inspiration to start their new beginning at the safe hands of nature.

So now you have got enough reasons to opt for Pakshipathalam as your unmissable travel destination while you are honeymooning this part of Wayanad district in Kerala. Besides, the views and experiences you are going to gather from here after your returns are priceless. In short, the plateau district with steep hills at some locations are all for surprises for its visitors.

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