Why are animated explainer videos so important?

Brand development requires a lot of research on subjects that are relevant to your business. You must analyse the information you sourced and you must write it all in a precise manner and put it up on your website so that the viewer finds it easy to read. However, experts who research on people’s behaviour have found out that viewers don’t go through the text as displayed on the website because they find the process tedious. This is why so many businesses are now shifting to the visual medium to attract viewers to their platform. Lets learn why animated explainer videos are so important.

You can explain your product in a more engaging and entertaining way

SEO experts, web designers and marketing gurus swear by video animation services companies because of the inherent advantages their creation brings to the table. With the help of animated explainer videos, one can explain complicated concepts using videos, animations or graphics. It has been observed that people are more likely to believe something they see, rather than if they simply read up about it. This makes explainer videos the number 1 choice for marketing.

Allows you to engage with your audience

In comparison to written articles, videos are said to have a more engaging experience. Even the lazy viewers who wouldn’t be caught dead reading a blog post would actually take out time to listen to your message if it’s explained in the form of an interesting and short video. Using an audio visual medium does not only get visitors to come to your website, but also makes them stay there for longer.

Google will rank you higher

When it comes to ranking, Google gives a lot of weightage to videos, images and animations instead of text content on websites because it earns a lot of revenue through lead conversions and clicks. Google is the largest search engine in the world, which is why if you’re looking to get more engagement and brand promotion then it will be wise to include multimedia content.

Improves the conversion ratio

Marketing experts swear by animated explainer videos because it has been observed that if a website contains animated explainer videos then the rate of conversion increases by leaps and bounds. People love watching short videos and hence stay on websites for longer, thus allowing businesses the opportunity to convert them from leads to buyers.

Why do you need to hire an animated explainer video company?

It has been understood that if the information is provided through animation or a well-crafted video to the target audience, then the conversion rate can go as high as 80%. This benefit has made companies take note and has pushed them to invest in animated explainer videos to explain their message with the help of videos, animations and images. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small or if you’re an MNC or a freelancer. Every business needs the services of an animated explainer video company. Let’s learn why.

Improve your brand awareness

Videos are a great tool if you’re looking to promote and sell an idea to your target audience. Being a multimedia visual medium, videos are an excellent way to tell your viewers exactly what your company stands for and what its USP is. An animated explainer video company can highlight key benefits and solutions in less than a minute. A short to the point video works wonders in creating brand awareness.

Videos work great for SEO strategies

For a website to become visible, SEO strategies must be incorporated into its framework. Since most search engines give greater weightage to websites with video content, it’s no secret that brands are now hiring the best animation agencies to get a higher organic search engine ranking.

Animated explainer videos build trust

Videos affect your vision as well as your auditory senses which is why they are a far more effective way to reach the target audience to convince them about any required service or products. It is also proven that a viewer is far more inclined to trust a message they see via a video than from a textual format.

Explainer videos are great for mobile users

 2D animation companies make excellent explainer videos for mobile users who don’t have the time to read long articles no matter how well written they are. The mobile phone market is extremely lucrative for businesses who want to show animated explainer videos to their customers. These videos give a way to businesses to improve their profit margin because videos sync with the taste of the younger and increasingly the older generation as well who spend an average of 6 hours a day on their phones.

Easily shareable on social media

One of the greatest advantages of having explainer videos on your website is that they can easily be shared on social media. Networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can be used to share different videos with people. The best part about this medium is how advantageous it is when it comes to making your explainer video really popular. The more the number of people who share your video on social media, the better the ranking your website gets in any organic search engine generated result.

Much Creative

When you see an animated explainer video which has rich graphics, you just get mesmerised and the quality of work done by the creative designers. These creative designers just pop out some very beautiful and unique concept every time so that you get what you require.