Why do you need to download Aarogya Setu App?

Coronavirus has spread its legs in more than 200 countries in the world. All countries are fighting hard to get rid of novel coronavirus. India is also taking each and every essantial step which can help in the fight against COVID-19. To combat COVID-19, Government of India has launched a new app named Aarogya Setu App. Due to coronavirus, Each and everyone is facing problem in there daily needs such as buying grocery items, doing recharge, and many more.

Aarogya Setu App will help in the self-monitoring against the COVID-19. The app was launched at the national level. Howerever, the states governmnet in Punjab and Bihar has already launched their states apps named Corona Kavach and Bihar Corona Sahayata app, Aarogya Setu app is available for download on Andoid and iOS platforms.

You must be thinking what is Aarogya Setu app and why you should use Aarogya Setu app. Here are the reasons why you should download the Aarogya Setu app now.

How to Use Aarogya Setu App

  1. First of all, do Aarogya Setu App Download.
  2. Allow the access to GPS and Buetooth in order to start using the app.
  3. Register on the app by choosing your language and filling the registration form.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions

Don’t forget to check mark the box Ready to Volunteer in the time of need as it will help the government to know who are ready to help them if they need.

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Features of Aarogya Setu App

Self Monitoring

Aarogya Setu app offer you the facility to test yourself for coronavirus. Using the app you can check to some extent whether you are suffering with corona or not. The app will ask for some information like gender, age,any symptoms of cough, fever, and many more. Provide all the details correctly and it will reflect you with the result whether you need to consult a doctor or not.

Make sure you provide all the details correctly so that the assessment can be done without any problem.

COVID-19 Help Centers

Aarogya Setu app will provide you the helpline number of all states at one place. You don’t need to search for the helpline number of your state on the internet. Call directly to COVID-19 help centre number and gather the information about ongoing novel coronavirus. Also, you can request home checkup for corona through these help centres.

Safety Measures Against COVIS-19

The app will keep you updated about the self measures which you should take to avoid corona transmission. Download the app and know what you have to do and what you have not to do.

To Do

  • Wash your hands at least 20 seconds.
  • Keep distance of at least 3 feet from everyone.
  • Keep your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue/mask while going out.
  • Avoid touching face, eyes, and nose.
  • Use tissue/handkerchief to cover mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately.
  • Stay at home.
  • See a doctor if you feel unwell.

Not To Do

  • Going out of home unnecessarily.
  • Spit in public.
  • Have close contact with anyone, if experiencing cough and fever.


Aarogya Setu is a must to downlaod and use app as it is helpful in the fight against COVID-19. This app help us in gathering information about the novel coronavirus in detail sitting at our home. Also, you will know how you can protect yourselt. And, the most important is self assessment. If you find anything uncommon in yourself then you can check whether these are the symptoms of corona or not.

The Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi has also requested to all the citizens of country to download the app to make their contribution in the war against corona.

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