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Why Healthcare Experts and Other Professionals Should Learn CPR in Redlands

Heart diseases in the form of cardiac arrest and heart attacks have become the common causes of death among people living in different cities of the United States. A major problem in this regard is that cardiac arrest takes place to almost every person and during any time suddenly. Based on these facts, acquiring CPR certification in Redlands is essential.

CPR in Redlands in terms of cardiology is the short form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it helps in maintaining the flow of oxygen and blood. Thus, CPR increases the probability of a cardiac arrest patient to survive at least for the time his/her family member gets access to a nearby cardiac hospital for further treatment. In this blog post, we have discussed many reasons, which justify getting certification in CPR is essential for healthcare experts and other common professionals both.



Heart Problem is the Prime Reason of Death in the USA

If you have a look at the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiac arrest and other heart problems are prime causes of death in different areas of the United States. The data revealed about 600,000 people suffered from cardiac arrest yearly.

Everyone Can Learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Almost every individual irrespective of his/her profession and academic qualification may learn various techniques associated with CPR and BLS in Redlands. Moreover, AHA experts have revealed that approximately 70percent of people in America feel helpless or do not get any idea of taking action in the case of a cardiac emergency. Many people do not have any knowledge about administering CPR and basic life support effectively.


CPR Training and Certification is Essential to Save Lives

With the consistent increase in the number of patients suffering from heart disease, cardiopulmonary resuscitation may save lives. Most of the cardiac arrests take place at schools, offices, workplaces, airports, hotels, and other out-of-the-hospital centers. As the patients do not get immediate care via oxygen supply, most of them die outside of the clinics or hospitals. In this situation, if you perform CPR properly and that too in no time, you will expect to improve the survival rate or chance of the affected person.

Gives Enough Confidence to Deal with Cardiac Emergencies

Classes followed by CPR and BLS certification in Redlands equip you with the confidence and the necessary tools to play the role of a lifesaver. With the training and knowledge, you obtain from certification; you get the chance to come up with the right decisions while dealing with cardiac emergencies.



Avoids the Risk of Brain Death

Brain death takes place only after four or six minutes the heart of a person stops breathing. Positively, with CPR, you will keep the blood flowing and give enough oxygen to the patients’ brain and his/her other organs. In this way, victims get an improved chance to achieve complete recovery. If a victim gets CPR within the initial 2minutes or 3minutes of sudden cardiac arrest, his/her survival increases by 2times or 3times.

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You will Save the Life of Your Loved One

Other than workplaces, hotels, and airports, cardiac arrest incidents take place at home. Moreover, most of the sudden cardiac arrest victims appear healthy and do not have any symptoms or risks related to heart diseases. By performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately, you will surely save the life of your loved one.

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