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Why Video Content Marketing is The Demand of The Time?

Video content has always been a hit. From movie trailers to television ads, video content never failed to hit the right chord with the audience.

In the domain of visual contents, if pictures speak a thousand words then videos go for a million. They are, in fact, so popular that the smartphones and Internet are compelled to adopt this format. In fact, today, the guards have been lowered and video marketing is reinvented dramatically for the new age.

Now video and marketing happen to go hand in hand. So from the pilot TV ads to the YouTube Video ads, SnapChat and Facebook ads occupy a major part of the contemporary lifestyle.

The videos happen to be attractive, versatile and sharable and hence a favourite amongst the marketers and boost the engagement of customers.

As compared with the conventional methods of marketing, video marketing is seen to be almost 600% more effective.

Here are some major tits-bits about video content marketing.

  • The emails that have the word “Video” mentioned in the subject line usually gets 15% more views.
  • Videos lasting for a couple of minutes secure the best engagement with the viewers.
  • Almost half of the total videos played are done on mobile phones

So now considering the facts and figures, you can understand well why Video marketing is so crucial and is highly demanding. Let us take a closer look at the reasons behind the popularity of video marketing. Take a look.

  • Your Audience Loves Video Contents – Your target customers are the kings. And you must cater to their likings and choices if you want to remain in the competition. Viewers today have access to a plethora of contents. But research suggests that they love video content and prefer them over the other mediums. So you have to use this type of content the most. Almost 75% of the consumers around the world view at least one video everyday. So your marketing campaign must include videos.
  • Video Boosts the Sales and Conversions – You can shoot a video to show the execution and functionality of your services/products.  You should know that –
  1. 76% or more businesses have benefited from videos
  2. To learn more about a service or product, almost 95% of the people have watched an explainer video
  3. Almost 76% say it assisted to enhance sales

With the right video marketing strategy, you can improve and boost your brand to a great extent.

  • Videos Fetch Affordable Solutions – The cost of driving content matters to a great extent. Just like compromising on your marketing campaign is not advisable, similarly, you should not let the costs shoot up the roof. With video content, you can bridge these conflicting interests by going for an exclusive marketing video that requires minimum fiscal investment and minimum time. This is one of the key factors for the massive popularity of video marketing.
  1. Video contents generate almost 1200% more shares than the text or image and contents.
  2. They enhance landing page conversions by 80% or more
  3. They generate revenues by almost 50% faster
  4. Experience almost 150% extra organic traffic with videos.
  5. Video contents enhance end-user engagement by 35% or more
  6. When sites include embedded videos web traffic rises by 55%

So with video marketing you do not just cut on your costs but also improve your user engagement which is essential for the success of your business.

  •  The Show Great ROI – Videos offer great Returns on Investment as suggested by marketers. Though video production can take a bit of effort you can get a big pay-off through videos. What’s more, you will find many online video editing tools that help you to edit and create videos of your choice. Just with your smartphone you can now create pretty good videos. Moreover, you do not need a perfect video. It is the content that matters the most. Viewers do not prefer videos that do not explain the service or product clearly. Poor design or low quality is not the determining factor in the case of these videos. So even it is bad, it is quite good.
  • Videos Are Loved by Google – With videos you can augment the time that the visitors spend on your site. This provides the opportunity to build trust and this gets your site noticed by search engines. If you have a video embedded website, there is over 53 times more chance for showing up on Google. As Google now owns YouTube, you can now gain noticeable improvement in search engine rankings through video watching.

These are just some of the major reasons why video marketing is highly demanded today by the digital marketers as well as the specialists of SEO services who know the tricks of the trade to make it big for any brand.

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