Worlds Best Six Web Hosting Providers for Blogs

Worlds Best Six Web Hosting Providers for Blogs

Whether you need to blog professionally or you want to run a small weblog as a hobby, deciding on the right running a blog platform and a good web web hosting are elements which might be going to form the blogging enjoyment you will have.

Before you select the running blog platform itself, you additionally need to make a desire among hosted and self-hosted platforms. While on the face of it, a hosted platform may seem like the maximum convenient desire – with web hosting, domain and templates included – in fact, it comes with many limitations along with confined or no alternatives to monetize your blog.

A self-hosted running blog platform is the selection that makes extra sense for most bloggers who need full control over their blogs, and particularly bloggers who plan on monetizing their blogs. A self-hosted blog manner that the undertaking of purchasing a domain name, locating a good reseller hosting, and coping with the maintenance and management aspects encumber the blogger.

While there are pros and cons for each running a blog platform, speakme strictly from a weblog monetization perspective, a self-hosted weblog is no doubt the quality choice. Although it is able to seem so, locating a good net hosting for you weblog is not a hard choice. While you’re still in the tiers of trying your hand at running a blog and building a target market, a shared hosting plan is a superb region to start. Of course, it’s optimum to select a hosting provider that has numerous website hosting plans and lets in you to easily improve while your weblog begins to construct momentum.

Before we delve into what are the satisfactory hosting companies for bloggers, we’re additionally going to consist of a quick assessment of the pinnacle self-hosted blogging platforms, so you’ll know what are your quality alternatives in case you plan on growing a blog.

Top Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms

Which content control gadget do you have to recollect for your weblog? Here are our pinnacle alternatives for the blogging platforms which are really worth your time:

Top Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms


WordPress is hands down the most famous and easy to use content management gadget that offers you ample opportunities to customize your blog. It’s additionally loose and open supply, so it may be used by anyone. Unlike its hosted version (WordPress.Com), the self-hosted platform allows you to effortlessly exchange themes – both loose and premium – and optimize, accelerate and customise all elements of your weblog with the help of plugins. Most net website hosting companies have one-click installs for WordPress and web hosting plans purposefully optimized for this platform.


B2Evolution is some other loose open source CMS that markets itself as a low maintenance, easy to improve and secure CMS. It relies much less on third-birthday celebration programs by integrating all you need in its framework, as a result, doing away with the need to rely upon third-party extensions that won’t be as stable. B2Evolution supports multiple blogs, more than one users and authors, more than one post types, advanced categorization, and it has a built-in analytics tool that can deliver in-depth insight regarding your blog’s traffic. B2Evolution has plenty of customizable skins you may pick out from to install the type of blog you wish.


Drupal is one among the maximum advanced content management systems that powers over 1 / 4 million web sites on the web. It’s an exceptionally scalable and solid platform, and its modular layout makes no assumptions about how you should shape your content, allowing you to construct any blog or website you’d like. Because Drupal became created to run with much less server sources than its counterparts, upgrading your web hosting packages deal in case your audience will increase will no longer be something that you need to actively worry about in case you personal a Drupal blog. Drupal is a platform supposed for extra technically advanced users for the reason that it’s more complicated than different CMSs.


Joomla is every other powerful open supply CMS that powers greater than 3% of the websites on the web. Users love Joomla for its feature-wealthy platform that may be used to create any website such as blogs. It has a comprehensive navigation gadget that allows users to without problems manipulate websites with hundreds of pages. While it doesn’t have the smooth studying curve boasted via WordPress, it’s nevertheless a platform that you may use pretty without difficulty, specifically that you have abundant sources at your disposal in the shape of tutorials and programming tools.


Ghost is a great open source running blog platform with a user-targeted and smooth interface that is built for running a blog. Its stay preview feature permits you to catch any mistakes whilst you are writing the post, as a consequence permitting you to accurate any spelling or coding mistakes on the fly. While it’s a chunk greater tough to install, Ghost has an interface that makes it smooth to apply for beginners, however appeals to experienced bloggers as well.

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