Xfinity Internet Review 2020: All You Need to Know

xfinity internet service in rural area

Comcast Xfinity is one of the most used and well-known internet service providers in the USA. Xfinity is known for all the good reasons, Xfinity internet service is available all through the USA. If you start doing research on Xfinity internet plans then you’ll come across a lot of good and bad reviews from the consumers. Keeping all that aside, Xfinity is still one of the most reliable and fastest internet provider. We have come up with a complete review of the Xfinity Internet service.

Let’s go a bit deeper into Xfinity price, plans, Download speeds, upload speeds, and reliability of services.

Pros Cons
Fast download speeds Prices may change based on location
No contract plans Available Below Average Customer service
Available almost everywhere in the USA


Xfinity Internet Plans & Prices

Xfinity Internet service in rural areas and urban areas can have a huge difference in prices and you can choose whether you want a contract or not.


Plan Price Download Speed
Performance Starter $29.99/mo 25 MBPS
Performance Plus $39.99/mo 60 MBPS
Performance Pro $70/mo 200 MBPS
Blast Pro $80/mo 300 MBPS
Extreme Pro $60/mo 600 MBPS
Gigabit $84.99/mo 1000 MBPS
Gigabit Pro $299.95/mo 2000 MBPS


If Xfinity internet plans are your final choice then you should know that plans and prices change based on location. The change is huge so you should be aware of that.

We have made a basic breakdown of the change in price and plans based on regions of the USA. (Some regions may not even have the same plans as other regions so you’ll have to go with whatever you get).


Region Plan Price Download Speed
West Performance Plus $39.99/mo 60 MBPS
Northeast Performance $77.95/mo 60 MBPS
Central Performance $40/mo 100 MBPS


As you can see that people living in Central and Western regions got promotional offers and got a good price for the first year. While those living in the Northeast region have to pay more bucks for the same speed. Xfinity internet plans are competitive with prices but they keep up on their promise of providing incredible speed.

You can save even more money by signing up a contract with Xfinity, if you keep on moving from one place to other places, then we suggest you get an Xfinity no contact internet service.

Here’s a complete list of plans if you don’t opt for contractual plans. You can check here which plan can you actually afford when it is without a contract.


Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Performance Starter $39.99/mo 15 MBPS 1 TB
Performance Plus $49.99/mo 60 MBPS 1 TB
Performance Pro $64.99/mo 200 MBPS 1 TB
Blast Pro $79.99/mo 300 MBPS 1 TB
Extreme Pro $111.95/mo 600 MBPS 1 TB


Here you can clearly see that there’s a difference of at least $10 on every plan. If you were already thinking of buying the cheapest plan then no-contract plans can be bad news for you as you have to pay more than you expected.


Xfinity Internet Speed And Data

One of the best things about the Xfinity Internet Service is that you get a lot of choices for speeds. Unlike most providers, Xfinity has more than 3-4 plans to offer to its users. The speed starts from a mere 25 MBPS and goes all the way up to 2000 MBPS. If you need pure speed out of your plan then there is no better provider than Xfinity. As mentioned above, speeds and prices can change based on your location. Here’s a list of speeds you will get with Xfinity.


Plan Download Speed Upload Speed
Performance Starter 25 MBPS 2 MBPS
Performance Plus 60 MBPS 5 MBPS
Performance Pro 200 MBPS 5 MBPS
Blast Pro 300 MBPS 5 MBPS
Extreme Pro 600 MBPS 15 MBPS
Gigabit 1000 MBPS 35 MBPS
Gigabit Pro 2000 MBPS 2000 MBPS


You will be happy to know that Xfinity was listed on top of the fastest cable internet service in 2019. It did well in the Latest reports provided by FCC as well, Xfinity ranks as fourth on the list of 16 top providers that are reviewed with an average speed of 112.5% that means users get faster than advertised speeds.


Xfinity Data Caps


All the Xfinity internet plans have a data limit of 1 TB (1000 GB). That’s a lot of data if you do research on how much stuff you can get done in 1000 GB. Almost all the internet service providers offer the same data limit, including Cox and CenturyLink.


If you are using your internet connection just by yourself then you won’t have any trouble going through the month. If you share your internet connection with your family then you may want to keep an eye out for data you have consumed. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay an overage fee on Xfinity internet service, would you?


Conclusion: Xfinity Internet Plans

That’s all you should be aware of about Xfinity internet service as a potential user. Users who live in rural areas can also get a reliable Xfinity internet service in rural area.

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